Tips on How to Cure Acne during Winters

Tips on How to Cure Acne During Winters

Winter Special Cures for Acne

Dry winds blowing during the winters result in boosting skin related problems – Acne being the most common of all. Well, before getting in-depth description about the main cures of this humiliating problem, let's get into a bit of its introduction.


Well, acne is mainly referred to normal pimples. Generally, there are plenty of oil glands beneath the surface of skin. These particular glands are responsible for bringing excessive oil and dead skin over the surface but; in the worst case scenario, these pores can get blocked. Causes can be any – pollution, unhygienic routine or others.

As a result, a mole or a pimple emerges on the skin. Its size can vary based on the dirt content. Well, it can also appear in multiple forms for example; blackheads, whiteheads, papules, pustules, nobules, cysts, etc.

Common Causes:

In actual, there is no particular fixed reason stated for causing zits. Scientists believe that the most common cause of acne is the increased production of androgen hormone, which is relatively produced when a person gets physically mature. On the other side, a contradictory statement suggests that pimple can occur during any age. Apart from that, genetic malfunctions can also be one of the reasons.

Well, all this was about the general information about the various aspects leading to pimples but; the actual matter of concern is coming ahead in the forth-coming sections.

So, continue reading so as to know a bit more about the winter special skincare remedies to overcome the problem on zits.

Winter special cures for Acne:

Reduce application of cosmetics. Well, if usage of beauty products in crucial as par your social demands, it can be said that use only those products, which contain lesser content of oil.

If you have oily skin then prevent using cold creams. Obviously, your skin might feel stretchy during the initial phases but; even then continue the same practice. Slowly and steadily, your skin will get used to the normal treatment.
The type of soap that you use can also be a major cause of acne. Hence, use special toiletry products, which sucks excessive oil from within your skin.

Scrubbing is one other good practice that you can perform. In general, scrub your facial skin after say a minimum of one week. Apart from clearing your skin, it will also help in removing the upper hard layer of head skin.
Usually, ladies have a misconception to avoid facial during cold season but; in reality, avoiding those can be a negative point. It's quite understandable that during winters, your skin gets sensitive. So, prefer using lighter face packs rather that summer specials.

Apart from that, develop your own personal skincare preferences. After all, going green and natural is far better than punishing your skin via harsh chemicals.

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