Should Teeth Whitening Be Part of Your Next…

Should Teeth Whitening Be Part of Your Next Makeover?
Your smile may be more important than you think. Take a look at some of these statistics regarding smiles and how much importance people place on them.

•74% of people think that an unattractive smile can negatively affect a person’s career
•81% feel that a smile is the most important part of person’s facial features
•99.7% think an attractive smile is an important asset
•96% feel an attractive smile makes them more desirable to the opposite sex

Our smile and the appearance of our teeth play a major role in how others view us and how we feel about ourselves. If our teeth are discolored, we tend to feel less attractive and less confident. This can directly affect how we conduct relationships, both personal and professional.

Fortunately, teeth whitening is an affordable way to improve your teeth’s appearance and crank up the wattage power on your smile. Our hometown, San Diego, is a friendly town, and chances are, there are plenty of instances where your smile will be the first impression that people have of you, regardless of the city that you live in (more about

Before making the decision to whiten your teeth, there are a few questions you need to ask yourself.
•Do you feel comfortable with doing this at home?
•Do you have fillings, veneers, fixed dental bridges, or other dental work?
•Are your teeth sensitive?
•Do you take medications that cause tooth discoloration?
•What shade or color are your teeth?

It is necessary to ask yourself these questions because they will help to determine if your teeth whitening can be done at home or in the dentist office. They will also provide you with an idea of what kind of results you can expect or if you should proceed with whitening at all.

If you think you would be comfortable with trying whitening at home, there are several kits available. There are some things you should be aware of regarding at-home procedures. The active ingredient is not as strong as what is used by your dentist, so the process will take longer to achieve the desired results. Also the gum and soft tissues are not as protected as they would be in the office procedure and irritation may occur. Even if you choose the at home method, you should still seek the counsel of your dentist prior to moving forward.

The results of whitening are varying. If you are taking medications that cause your teeth to discolor, the results may not be what you hoped for at the outset. The color of your teeth will also affect the outcome. If teeth are yellow, results typically are very good. Brown teeth do not respond as well and gray teeth often will not respond at all. This is why consulting with your dentist is important.

In office procedures take less time than the ones performed at home, and the dentist can oversee the process and address any concerns or issues. The procedure may produce some tooth sensitivity which will cease when the applications are completed. This is not a permanent procedure and further applications will be necessary to prolong the results.

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