reducing acne and getting clear skin (almost…

Reducing Acne and Getting Clear Skin (Almost Flawless)

Products and Routine

clinique liquid soap
  • clinique liquid soap
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For the past three years or so i have suffered from server acne. I had got to the point where i had to see the dermatologist, the doctor i was seeing gave me three different types of anti-biotics, each for the course of three months. They worked for a short while but then my acne came back.
One of my mam's friend suggested that i used a few product from clinique, so willingly i tried them, and they actually work. To be honest it took about one week and a half for me to see the results, but i am very satisfied. So here are the three products i used, all three products are made to go with each other as it's called the 3-step.
The first of the three product is the soap. It comes as a liquid gel or a soap bar (optional). Depending on the nature of your skin you will need to pick one of the three following dry, mild, oily. This is because there's a different solution for every skin type.
Step 1: Cleanse
Using the liquid or soap bar wash the face, make sure you massage all over, also focus on your t-zone as this is where most of your pores are. This step will leave your skin feeling fresh and tight. When drying your face make sure you pat off excess water.

Step 2: Exfoliating
Exfoliation is very important, it removes all the dead skin cells that block your pores, causing you to break out. Using the mild clarifying lotion will help remove the dead skin cells. make sure you do this step straight after washing your face. Apply the liquid lotion to a piece of cotton wool and then dab it onto your face. Make sure you don't get too close to your eyes. It's not necessary for you to wash it off, but it's optional. Once again this product comes in different solutions depending on the nature of your skin.

Step 3: Moisturizing
The dramatically different moisturizing lotion is a must have. It instantly gives your skin a boost. Your skin will feel softer and more radiant. For this step all you do is apply some of the product to your palm and massage your face. Again this product comes in three formulas depending on your skin.

Personally i found the product very successful. However you mustn't stop this routine, because if you do your acne will return. All three products are classified as the 3-step skin care, so they come together. The only draw back is the cost, however it really is worth the price.
In addition to that the formulas are not fragranced, so it's unlikely for it to cause irratation.

Thank you for reading, comment back your thoughts.

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