Quick Beauty Fixes for Allergies

Quick Beauty Fixes for Allergies

Beauty Solutions for Red Eyes, Puffiness and Dry Skin

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With the spring season sprouts new flowers, and unfortunately, this can mean allergies for an unlucky bunch, including myself. Sensitivities such as puffiness and itchiness often leave us with less than desirable results because no one wants to look like a red-eyed zombie or sleep-deprived for that matter. Here to the rescue are some quick beauty fixes for you vixens with allergies. These methods and products are tried and tested by yours truly as well as a few colleagues of mine.

My girl friend swears by Opcon, which is an eye drop solution that provides itch and red-eye relief. According to my fellow allergy comrade, the liquid solution “burns at first but lasts.” It’s available at any drug store, and you don’t need a prescription to purchase. Best of all, she’s used other brands, yet still claims that “Opcon is always the best.”

While there are several products out there in the market that claim to de-puff eyes, I’ve remained loyal to MyChelle Fresh Eyes. Store in the fridge for an extra cooling sensation when applied, and all you need is a tiny drop. It’s on the pricier side at $38.99, but remember that a little goes a long way. Plus, I usually wait for a sale. Last year, I got a great deal at “buy one, get one free” for Black Friday.

If you don’t have the extra cash to spend, then opt for two cold spoons. Place them in the freezer overnight, and then apply to the under eye area in the morning for amazing de-puffing results!

This may be a result of consuming allergy medicines, which can cause dry spots or overall flaky skin. When this happens, it’s best to make sure that you’re hydrating by drinking lots of water and replenishing topically with a serum containing hyaluronic acid or a moisturizer such as Cetaphil. Also, to treat your skin, try a mild exfoliator or sugar scrub. Personally, my favorite exfoliator are my bareMinerals Glow Pads. However, you can also make your own honey scrub if you’re on a tight budget.

Sniff, sniff. We all know what happens when we blow our noses periodically throughout the day. Yes, we’re left with red noses. To avoid this beauty blunder, arm yourself with an on-the-go arsenal such as powder foundation or concealer. Both can be applied with a quick dab, and one with a mirror is definitely a plus!

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@GoodFaith Thanks! I usually buy Cetaphil on sale and stock up, but good to know just in case! This comment has been removed.
I need to go buy Opcon, (I've never heard of it)?? I have red, dry eyes a lot so this is a great tip! This comment has been removed.
I think allergies have been worse this year than ever. I don't have them (thank goodness!) but everyone in my office seems to. I'll have to pass this article on to them. ;) This comment has been removed.
Did you know Whole Foods did their own reformulation of Cetaphil cleanser? Check it out 365 Gentle Skin Cleanser. This comment has been removed.
very helpful.thank for sharing..=) This comment has been removed.
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