Listen To What Your Acne Is Telling You !

Listen to What Your Acne Is Telling You !

You if You Want to Keep It Under Control , Listen to What Your Acne Is Telling You


An old Chinese diagnosis was using face mapping to tell you what is wrong with you and old Chinese doctors could simply look at your face and tell you what health problems you have.

Your face is basically an indication of your health and the skin is like a blueprint to your internal health. If your skin looks bad and you have lots of pimples and acne breakouts than this means you have problems with your internal organs.
Let’s see which area of your face links to which organ in your body, so you can understand better why you have acne breakouts:

The forehead is split in two zones – left and right. If you breakout on your forehead it means that you have poor digestion and problems with water intake. Poor digestion means that your body is having a difficult time breaking down foods you eat, which results in toxins buildup.
To overcome the water intake problems you need to drink more water each day, at least eight glasses per day.
Other reasons you might get breakouts on forehead might be dirty hats and caps, poor hygiene or different hair products.

This particular area between your eyebrows and on your nose is linked to the liver. If your liver doesn’t function properly you will ten to breakout in this area. Usually this happens if you eat late at night or you are lactose intolerant.

Cheeks are split in upper and lower cheeks. Upper cheeks are linked to your lungs, so if you are a heavy smoker or work in a dirty environment full of toxins you tend to breakout in this area.
Also, dirty pillow or frequently touching your face with your hands or phone can cause acne on your upper cheeks.
Lower cheeks are linked to teeth and gum problems, so make sure you visit your dentist regularly.

Your ears are linked to your kidneys and you might breakout on your ears if you don’t drink enough water each day or you have too much salt and caffeine in your diet.

Sides of your chin
If you tend to breakout in this area it means a hormonal imbalance in your body. Usually girls tend to breakout in this area more often than boys because their hormonal changes that take place every month.
Stress and not enough sleep might also cause acne breakout in this area

Center Chin
This area is linked to your small intestines so a poor digestion or if you have food allergies may cause acne breakouts. Make sure you eat a balanced diet that provides all the vitamins and minerals your body needs to function properly.

Chest area
If you get acne on your chest the first thing you need to take care of is the level of stress in your life, as this is the major cause for acne breakouts in this area. Also be aware of the clothes you wear, make sure they are 100% cotton and are not tight on your body.

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at first,when i had an acne, i thought that it was caused by bacteria, but beyond that, there is another cause why pimples is appearing, that is to tell something about our HEalth This comment has been removed.
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