How to Shape the Eyebrows

How to Shape the Eyebrows

Get Tips on How to Properly Shape Your Brows

Your eyebrows create personality, define your features, and have the ability to make or break any beauty look. For many, perfect brows can be as elusive as the ever-famed fountain of youth. Every day, people walk around with brows that are over-plucked or unloved altogether. No more, for I have the tips and tricks that you can use to get the brows of your dreams. Read on for brow shaping 101.

If there is one tip that I can impart upon all of you it is this: get your brows shaped the first time with a professional, who will be able to evaluate your face shape and hair type to decide which shape is best for you. Whether you wax, tweeze, or thread, you can't go wrong in the hands of a capable aesthetician.

If you do go the do-it-yourself route, first arm yourself with a pair of sharp tweezers, white eyeliner, a brown liner, and a pencil (I'll explain why in a second).

First, take a pencil and line it up diagonally, nose to brow, until it intersects with the center of your brow. This is where your natural arch should be. Mark that spot with the brown pencil. Next, take the same pencil, again leaning against your nose, and line it up diagonally across your face, to see how far out your brows should extend. Again, mark it with a pencil.

Now, take the white eyeliner and draw it over the hairs you want to remove, thereby getting an idea of the final product.

Last but not least, pluck the hairs, in the direction of hair growth, until you achieve your desired effect.

Think of your brows as sisters, not twins. That is to say, they don't need to be exactly alike. If you do mess up, always know that they can grow back. In the meantime, there are always brow powders, gels, and hair-growth serums.

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