How to Get the Perfect Summer Glow

How to Get the Perfect Summer Glow

Prep Your Skin for a Beautiful Sun-Kissed Glow This Summer

Summer is the time to begin working on our tans, whether it’s lounging by the poolside soaking up the sun or playing it safe at home by applying a sunless self-tanner. If you’re naturally pale and/or looking to ace that glow just in time for the summer days, here are some good tips on how you can do it in the ease of your own home. Showcase your skin and be the envy of your friends these coming summer days!

- Exfoliate your skin with ground coffee beans -
Do you make coffee yourself or have someone at home who does? Ground coffee beans are great way to exfoliate skin for next-to-no cost. Take the ground beans and mix a little bit of jojoba oil. Exfoliate all over the body while in the shower—or if you’re using on the face, make sure you’re using fine ground beans (and not putting too much pressure while working the stuff onto the face). The caffeine in the beans is great to counteract cellulite and get your skin smooth and bikini-body ready!

- Work your favorite self-tanner all over your body -
With the number of products and competition out in the beauty market, more and more improved and natural looking self-tanners are out there for all to try. I remember back in the days when self-tanners were just catching on in popularity—every one I had tried gave me a bad case of orange streaks that refused to wash out for a solid 2 or 3 days. I really like St. Tropez products, amongst which the Self-Tan Bronzing Lotion is one of my favorites!

- Use a liquid bronzer to fake the glow -
Another way to get the “goddess glow” is to use a liquid bronzer. If you’re looking for a subtle tan, simply add a bit of the product into your foundation or tinted moisturizer and apply onto the face. A favorite trick of mine is to apply a dime-sized drop onto the back of my hand, rub a bit onto my fingers and pat onto the high points of the face: the tops of the cheeks, the forehead, the bridge of the nose, and a little bit on the chin. If you’re wearing a sleeveless shirt, give your body a gorgeous sheen by applying a liquid bronzer to your shoulders and arms!

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