How to Create an Aspirin Mask Tailored for Your Skin

How to Create an Aspirin Mask Tailored for Your Skin

Find Out Which Ingredients Are Best for You

I’m a hugeeeee fan of do-it-yourself recipes and at-home remedies. One of my favorite low-cost face treatments is the aspirin mask. It’s awesome for all type of skin types, and really addresses those with sensitive skin as well! Keep reading to learn about the type of ingredients you can put into your own mask that is optimal for your skin concerns.

First, let’s go through the basic steps in making your own mask. Step 1: Crush us 3-4 aspirins into a fine powder (make sure they are the uncoated ones). Step 2: Add a wet base (s) of your choice based on your skin concerns—ingredients to be discussed in detail below! Step 3: Apply your mask and leave on for 20-30 minutes. Step 4: Wash off thoroughly and moisturize as usual.

Simple enough, right? Now here’s where you can get fancy with your inner alchemist and try out various ingredient combinations. Many people like to just add water to their aspirin mask, but you can spice things up by combining different bases to your mask for optimal benefits to your skin type. Here are a number of great bases I love to add to my masks:

1) Jojoba oil—always a staple in my beauty regimen. It’s moisturizing without being too overly greasy, light enough for sensitive skin, and a great mixing ingredient in other things!

2) Honey—it’s the perfect base for making sure that your mask adheres to your skin without crumbling all over the place.

3) Glycerin—I love glycerin because, like honey, it has a slightly sticky texture that makes it easier to apply masks. It’s also a humectant, which does wonders for helping your skin retain moisture.

4) Vitamin E oil—Vitamin E oil is perfect for its anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties. It’s also said to act as an antioxidant…talk about multi-functional skincare product!

5) Apple cider vinegar—apple cider vinegar has antiseptic properties and works nice for toning the skin. I would recommend a few drops of this for those who don’t have sensitive skin.

These are a few of the staple ingredients I alternate between when it comes to aspirin facemasks. Comment to share some of the ingredients you add to your own aspirin masks!
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