How to Avoid Puffy Eyes

How to Avoid Puffy Eyes

Prevent Under-Eye Bags

While catching up on rest will always be the best way to banish under-eye bags, here are some beauty tips and tricks that will also help prevent puffiness:

1. Hydrate. Occasionally, eye bags appear not only because you stayed out way too late the night before, but also because you indulged in that third margarita. Excess sodium can lead to puffiness, so be sure to drink your 8 glasses of water a day, and alternate alcoholic beverages with H2O.

2. Invest in a quality makeup remover. Attempting to wipe away stubborn mascara and eyeliner can tug the delicate skin beneath the eyes, leading to loose skin and puffiness. Instead, soak a cotton ball with a quality makeup remover (like Clinique’s Take The Day Off) and place it over the eye for about 20 seconds before gently sweeping away the dissolved makeup.

3. Sleep with your head elevated. If you sleep face down, or level with the bed, fluid can accumulate in your face and cause eye puffiness. Use an extra pillow to prop yourself up during the night, and wake up looking well rested.

4. Use a concealer brush. Using your finger to apply under-eye concealer could pull and irritate delicate skin, leading to puffiness. Instead, use a natural-fiber brush (I like Smashbox’s Precision Concealer Brush #5) to lightly dab on makeup.

5. Apply eye cream properly. Many people don’t realize that eye cream should be applied with a light, tapping motion as opposed to being rubbed into the skin. Beginning at the outer corner of the eye and working your way in toward the tear duct will help drain excess fluid. Keep in mind that when it comes to eye cream, a small amount goes a long way. In fact, piling on the product is a surefire way to cause puffiness.

Puffy Eye Remedies

Despite your best efforts at prevention, you’ve ended up with a bad case of eye bags. Get rid of them quickly with these helpful tips:

1. Cucumbers, tea bags, spoons. These are the classic remedies for puffy eyes—for 10 to 20 minutes, place cucumber slices, cooled bags of brewed chamomile tea, or spoons that you’ve popped into the freezer for a couple minutes, over eye bags. Increase results by first applying a thin layer of de-puffing eye cream.

2. Try a roll-on de-puffing gel. Both Clinique and Garnier make gel rollers designed to massage, cool, and de-puff the eye area. The best part is that these clear gels can be continually reapplied throughout the day, even over makeup.

3. Pull hair into a ponytail. If your eye bags are the result of fatigue, you’re probably too tired to put much effort into an elaborate hairstyle—which actually works in your favor! Pulling hair into a high, cheerleader-inspired ponytail can lift the forehead and eye area, minimizing the sagging appearance of under-eye bags and instantly making you look more alert!
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