Homemade Acne Masks


Homemade Acne Masks : DIY Skincare Solutions

If you have trouble with acne, then youu2019ve probably tried it all from Proactiv to Clearasil. Unfortunately, these drugstore products tend to dry out your skin. There should be a way to get rid of problem breakouts without the drying and flakiness, right? Well, one solution is to make an appointment with your local esthetician and schedule a facial. If thatu2019s not an option for you, then here are some homemade masks to safely solve your acne issues.
Step 1: Green Tea Ice Cubes
Recipe: Heat up 1-2 cups of water, and add in a green tea bag. Let the tea bag remain in the water until itu2019s a dark green color. Next, allow the liquid to cool down before filling your ice cube tray. Then, place the tray in your freezer.

Application: You are going to massage 1 ice cube over your entire face both morning and night. Also, make sure to wash your face and remove any makeup first.

The Results: Smaller pores, less puffiness (especially under eyes), clearer skin and less oil production.

Step 2: Strawberry Facial Mask
Recipe: Mash up 5-10 strawberries. If you are treating the entire face, then use more. Less if you are solely treating the problem areas. Now, mix the strawberry mash with 1-3 tablespoons of honey. If you also have lemon and oil (olive, grapeseed, almond) in your pantry, add 1 tablespoon of each ingredient into the mixture.

Application: Simply pat the mask onto your skin, and relax for 5-10 minutes. Then, wash it off with your regular facial cleanser and apply moisturizer.

The Results: Bright skin that is also smooth, soft and clearer. After several applications, you should notice acne scars beginning to fade.

Step 3: Aspirin Facial Mask
Recipe: Crush 1-5 aspirin tablets, and mix with water and u00bd to 1 teaspoon of honey to create a paste. Use 1 tablet for spot treatment and up to 5 tablets for an entire facial mask.

Application: Apply paste to spots or entire face. Relax for 10-15 minutes, then wash off and apply your regular moisturizer.

The Results: This is a fabulous treatment for cystic acne! Youu2019ll notice that the large red bumps will decrease in size, and pimples will begin the healing process. This treatment also helps to prevent scarring.

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