Home remedies to treat acne

Home Remedies to Treat Acne
firstly just make sure you don't suffer from any allergies. Acne usually starts with blackheads, which are formed when oil along with dead cells gets stuck in your pores and turn black.
now we will first treat our blackheads problem
1.Mix a tablespoon each of fresh lime juice and groundnut oil and apply it on your face to avoid blackheads.
2. now we will treat the pimples Toothpaste will be a better option to enjoy quicker results
3.Drops of tea tree oil will treat your acne amazingly Essential oils always make ethnic wonders to your skin. A few drops of tea tree essential oil if rubbed on blemishes will give you amazing results.
4.Leave fresh mint juice on your face overnight to tame pimples
5. after office, school or household work you should cleansing your face for cleansing the best recipe is take unboiled milk add 2 drops of Glasreen in it and rub it on the face you will see the magic result.
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Also be careful of the makeup you're using. You're better off with mineral makeup, than liquid foundation. Make sure to clean makeup off at the end of the day-you can use makeup remover cloths. I think Burt's Bees work well. If you have whiteheads & blackheads, you need to do more exfoliating to remove the dead skin cells. Try making a paste from baking soda & water. Massage onto your face every three days & rinse. Great article! This comment has been removed.
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