Green Tea for Good Health and Beautiful Skin

Green Tea for Good Health and Beautiful Skin

Beneficial Properties of Green Tea

After I wake up in the morning my, I usually brush my teeth, wash my face, and head straight to my kitchen to steep a bag of my green tea as a wake-me-up. It’s practically a ritual, and I can say that I do this without fail every single morning. What I love about green tea is that it’s such a great health product that is beneficial to the human body in so many different ways.

First off, my daily morning dose of green tea is perfect for that caffeine kick to jumpstart my day. Yes, it’s true that coffee does the trick quite well…but green tea is ever-the-more healthier for you! It even feels detoxifying as I sip on it in the morning…and the hot temperature of the drink makes it much more soothing and perfect on a cold morning.

Studies also show that drinking green tea helps boost the metabolism. The caffeine within the tea is responsible for helping speed up the metabolism…which makes it an amazing drink to start off the morning.

What I love to do with my tea bag after I’m done with my tea is to use it on my face. I like to splash my face with some warm water to really open up the pores, and pat the tea back all over my face for 2 minutes. Got problems with those pesky under-eye circles in the morning? Concentrate and hold the tea bags on the problematic areas for a few moments. The caffeine in the green tea really helps brighten dark circles and freshen up dull, uneven skin.

Give green tea a shot…whether it’s for the taste, the health benefits, or better skin, you won’t be disappointed!

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