Give Yourself a Facelift Without Plastic Surgery

Give Yourself a Facelift Without Plastic Surgery

Natural Remedies for a Younger Face

It all starts in your mid to late 20’s, right ladies? It might be dark circles, fine lines around the eyes, lackluster skin, smiles lines, and well let’s stop there before we launch ourselves into a pint of Ben & Jerry’s. Whatever the symptom may be, you can’t help but remember the youthful face of your past. How do I get it back? While acceptance of old age (you might even call it “wisdom” or “purple hearts of experience”) is a realistic solution, there are actually natural remedies that you can do at home without going under the knife or needle. Also, let’s say you’ve yet to observe such indications of aging, well I’ve also included a prevention paragraph for you lucky, young chicks.

Facial = Youthful Glow

When is the last time, you’ve had a facial? Now, optimally, this would be done by your local esthetician, but there are so many amazing and efficient facial masks currently out on the market. If you’ve got dull skin, you need a facial. If you have fine lines, you need a facial. Repetition is key; am I getting through to you? So you can better understand the importance of a weekly to monthly facial, let me put it this way. Your skin consists of layers, and one of the best abilities of your skin is to heal. Therefore, when you exfoliate, you are essentially removing dead skin cells and a layer of skin. Once you give yourself a facial, you are causing a trigger, which tells your skin to create a new layer. This is known as “cell renewal”, and it’s known for giving your skin a radiant, youthful glow. By the way, another facial method is by manual exfoliation such as the Clarisonic or facial scrubs.

Concealer = Wide-Awake Eyes

My latest beauty obsession is cream correcting concealer by Bare Minerals. This is the holy grail of anti-aging. Not only does it cover age spots and redness, but this concealer actually fades discoloration and will even out skin tone over time. When color-matched and applied properly, it can renew your eyes to look bright and wide-awake.
Application Tips: Directly after moisturizer, apply concealer so it blends seamlessly into your skin. Upon application around the eye area, get close to the lower lash line and blend upwards at the outer corners. Finish by setting with translucent powder and a brightening pen for desired luminosity.

Smile More = Natural Face Lift

This is a great philosophy to practice as life is not always easy, but it’s helpful to learn how to smile through it. However, think about it. Smiling uses facial muscles. Majority of the facial devices out there attempt to work these muscles with only short-term results. How simple is the act of smiling? So easy, right! In fact, how often do you see ads with a “before and after” picture, and in the “after” photo, the person is smiling? Just by this simple gesture, she looks better, right!

Shaped Eyebrows = Natural Face Lift

The eyebrows frame the face, believe it or not. A good brow shaping, waxing or threading can make a HUGE DIFFERENCE!

Prevention Now

There are lots of ways to start taking care of your skin now, but here are my top 5.

1) Eye Cream: Start now. You’ll thank me later. Even if you just wear it every now and then. Don’t wait until YOU HAVE TO.

2) Love and take care of yourself. This includes proper diet (water, vitamins, veggies, protein), exercise and sleep.

3) Cleanse and moisturize every night. This is a good habit to build. Remember your skin is like a plant. It needs water daily. Moisturizer = Water. Cleanse = Clean Face With Fewer Breakouts.

4) Observe and listen to your skin. Do and don’t certain things to optimize your skin results! Everyone is different.

5) Satin pillowcase. Okay, go ahead and laugh, but if you’re a side-sleeper, you’ll eventually lose cheekbone, jaw and eye definition on the side that you sleep on. A satin pillowcase causes less friction and pull on your skin. Like I’ve said before, your skin is a like a rubber band. Stretch it out too much, and it’s not bouncing back.

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@vbeauty Ulta Salons are offering $20 facials right now & you can also try the Cosmetology schools in your area. The students are using spa quality products and they offer you a really great deal. I would look for a school on YELP that has a lot of good reviews. This comment has been removed.
nice...thanks dear!im not using moisturizer now though...since i came here in europe,dont have time to do it..LOL This comment has been removed.
@courtney2bambi Yes!! They're so relaxing! Get a groupon :) This comment has been removed.
@RoryGautsche Not sure which serum you use, but I'm in love with my newest one from MyChelle called G2 Instant Firming!! It has goji and pomegranate :) This comment has been removed.
You know I've NEVER had a real facial before? I think that needs to change ASAP. This comment has been removed.
Eye cream is a must.....and sleeping on your back is good too! Agree about shaped brows, they can really change your appearance! This comment has been removed.
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