Get Glowing Skin for the Summer

Get Glowing Skin for the Summer

Safe, Sunless Tips for Radiant, Glowing Skin

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I love the warm sunny season, because it means it’s finally time to go all-out with bronzers to add that extra bronzy glow to my complexion! While it’s undeniably satisfying to lounge by the poolside to work on that goddess glow, there’s also other ways to work up a bronzy tan. Here are some tips on how you can add a bit of warmth to your complexion for the upcoming sunny days!

If you don’t have it, fake it.
Baked pressed bronzers, liquid bronzers, gold-based highlighters—you name it. All’s fair in the game of bronze and glow. Which one is best?—you may ask. It really boils down to personal preference. I personally like baked pressed bronzers (Urban Decay makes a wicked one that’s finely milled with the perfect touch of sheen), but highlighters are amazing for that extra kick. Bronzers work well mixed in with foundation if you’re going for an allover warmth.

Sunless self-tanners for zero damage.
If you’re pale and easily burn in the sun, or are simply unwilling to toast in the sun, self-tanners are perfect for you. The only thing of caution I do have to advise about when it comes to self-tanners is to conduct a pre-trail before applying allover (your face, your body, etc.). All self-tanners are, indeed, not created equally, and have different consistencies. It’s always safe to try on a self tanner on a portion of your skin before applying it allover.

Spray tan it or airbrush it—instead of UV-tanning it.
If you’re looking to treat your skin right, it probably goes without saying that you should not be risking skin cancer by exposing it the sun for prolonged periods of time. Instead, spray tans and airbrush tans are great alternatives that you can consider. Even better, you don’t have to worry about those pesky tan lines!

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