Brazilian Bronze

Brazilian Bronze

How to Fake a Brazilian Tan

Brazilian Bronze
Wanna go Brazilian? Blame it on the recent surge of South American Supermodels...a golden, Rio-inspired tan is coveted by all this summer. Achieving this look is easier and safer than ever thanks to a bumper crop of new and totally authentic-looking self-tanners.

For a beautiful golden bronze look all over, plan to build your faux tan gradually over the course of 2 or 3 days and be sure to have a box of latex gloves handy for expert application. If you make streaks, splotches or other mistakes, a cotton ball doused in astringent such as Sea Breeze will help to wipe them away.

Self-tanning 101: Exfoliate your body with a salt scrub (sugar scrubs tend to leave behind a filmy residue that can cause streaks). No matter what your skin tone, begin with one coat of a self-tanner made for fair skin, mixed with a few pumps of moisturizer...or you can opt for a daily-use moisturizing self-tanner like the ones from the Jergens Natural Glow collection. This will ensure an even, streak-free base that makes building up color easier.

A few hours after your initial application of color has started to devlop, apply a deeper self-tanning cream, such as Clarins Delectable Self-Tanning Mousse SPF 15. This luscious self-tanner has a whipped consistency, so work fast and blend, blend, blend cautiously. Do not dress until the mousse has set and repeat the use of a deep self-tanner each night until you achieve your desired Brazilian intensity. You can go even darker with a temporary tan-in-a-can like Terracotta Spray Bronzing Powder Mist SPF 15, which is also great for diffusing tan lines .


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Have you tried a bit of lemon juice? it's supposed to fade it. try it with a scrub and a loofah This comment has been removed.
Wow, I had no idea that it was better to self-tan in layers. I applied a bit too much and now I have some pretty bad streaks. It's pretty do I get it out??? This comment has been removed.
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