Beauty Diaries - Skin : Glow With Strawberries

If you thought strawberries were meant for dressing salads or to be had at Wimbledon, think again! It's time you became of this fruit for it nourishing, rejuvenating and moisturising capabilities. Veethi tells you how strawberries can benefit your skin.

A bag full of Vitamin C
Strawberries are an excellent source of Vitamin C which plays a key role in producing collagen. Most facewashes like the new Lakmu00e9 Clean Up Facewash contain fresh strawberry extracts that promote anti-ageing, give your skin a natural glow and make it wrinkle-free! That's reason enough to love them, right?

Battle the UV rays
Did you know consuming strawberries could help protect your skin against the sun's harmful UV rays? This is thanks to ellagic acid in strawberries. This acid fights against sun damage and leaves you with younger, well-protected skin.

Dissolve the dead skin cells
Be it in the form of a mask or a scrub, strawberries are a superb solution to removing dead skin cells. The tiny seeds gently exfoliate your skin's surface leaving it bright and glowing. You could use the Lakmu00e9 Clean Up Face Scrub that is rich in strawberry extracts and see the difference from the very first use!

Good riddance to bad cholesterol
Thanks to the flavonoids in strawberries, it is easy to get rid of bad cholesterol in your body. The flavonoids, along with ellagic acid, provide an antioxidant effect to improve your heart's health. So go ahead and stock up on these luscious berries and keep your body away from oxidative damage!

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