Innovative beauty trends – look…

Innovative Beauty Trends – Look What’s Hot in Cosmetic Surgery This Year

Some Trends We Should Look Forward to Seeing in 2015

Have you ever wondered which cosmetic procedures are increasing in popularity and which ones are fading away? The American Society of Plastic Surgeons publishes an annual report with detailed statistics of all non-surgical and surgical procedures performed the previous year. In general, non-invasive treatment such as fillers and Botox keep gaining popularity; however, others such as rhinoplasty have started to decrease. This year, experts agree that cosmetic procedures – both surgical and non-surgical, will increase in percentage. As the economy keeps improving, people can finally afford to take better care of themselves. Here are some trends we should look forward to seeing in 2015.

Eye surgery

New discoveries in eyelid rejuvenation have already started materializing. Women want to have brighter, younger-looking eyes and thus forget about sagging skin and lower eyelid bags this 2015. Fortunately, new procedures like blepharoplasty are winning a lot of ground. The intervention is minimally-invasive and it can be done under local anesthesia. Plastic surgeons argue that this type of innovative eye surgery takes several years off women’s faces. The side effects and risks involved are minimal, and the recovery time is not painful at all.

Eyebrow transplant

From a medical perspective, eyebrows are meant to stop sweat from getting into your eyes. They also have an aesthetic purpose and experts would agree they’re an extremely defining feature of the face. When women over-pluck their eyebrows for many years in a row, the hair stops growing and they usually become too thin. Since cosmetic surgery is always thriving, one of the newest trends in the industry is the eyebrow transplant. A surgeon will collect a slice of scalp from behind your head; he will dissect the hairs and graft them in the eyebrow area.

Thigh gap therapy

Women want the “thigh gap” and they would anything to get it because it’s cool, sexy and in trend. The FDA recently agreed to a non-surgical procedure called “CoolSculpting”. It promises to reduce the inner fat from women’s thighs with 25% in 3 months. The procedure is a cold-based fat-reducing intervention that claims amazing results. According to official data, 86% of the patients who tried it claimed visible results. There’s another procedure available that offers the same results; it uses LLLT (low level laser therapy) that strikes temporary holes into the wall of your fat cells, thus making them collapse.

Chubby cheek surgery

Some women have chubby faces, and no matter how much weight they lose, they just can’t drop the fat from their cheeks. Thankfully, the cosmetic industry has just welcomed a new type of intervention – the chubby cheek procedure. Clinically known as “buccal lipectomy”, the surgery is meant to completely restructure your face. Alternatively known as cheek liposuction, a surgeon will mall a tiny incision inside your cheeks and will remove the buccal fat. This creates some hollows, and the end result will be a much suppler complexion.
Bellybutton surgery

Some people’s bellybuttons look weird. They’re either trapped inside or overly-exposed. In fact, people with belly buttons that are too prominent have umbilical hernia, and it can be fixed with surgery. The procedure doesn’t come alone, and many women choose to have a tummy tuck, too. Here’s how the bellybutton intervention is performed: extra skin from the patient’s button area is removed to restructure the navel. An intervention shouldn’t take more than 1 hour, and it is considered minimally-invasive.

Today’s modern women would do anything to look young and beautiful. When Mother Nature is not kind enough to endow you with attractive features, you can always turn to cosmetic surgery. Certain procedures such as Botox injections, velashape treatments, thigh gap therapy and others are included in the minimally-invasive category because they don’t require anesthesia. As for interventions with higher risks factors, we should mention breast augmentations and facelifts because they demand anesthesia.

How far would you go for beauty? Cosmetic surgery will never stop advancing, and with every year that goes by, newer procedures will emerge and cooler techniques will be developed. You can also get some newer cosmetic procedures at 20 years ago, very few people could afford a cosmetic intervention; nowadays, the costs are lower which means you don’t necessarily have to spend a fortune to eliminate a flaw you’ve been struggling all your life with.
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