My 2012 Beauty "Musts"!!!

My 2012 Beauty &Quot;musts"!!!

My List of Things to Try in 2012!

Stop Nail Biting Finger Nail Biting
With 2012 fast approaching, I got to thinking about what I want to do in 2012 to "change up" my beauty routine. I always think about trying new products, taking a beauty or fashion risk, putting a stop to something that has become a bad habit or just splurging on something for myself! Here are a few things that have been on my mind......I would love to see your "lists" too! You may have tried something that I've been thinking about trying or we may just give each other that extra "push" to try something new!

1. LATISSE~~~I've been thinking of trying this for the last year! I used a product called "Revitalash" that worked really
well, (I had to stop using it cuz my lashes got so long). It was pricey and I know Latisse is too. Just
would love to see the results.....who doesn't want long lashes?!

2. MORE FACIALS~~~I'm in my 40's now and I feel like my skin is changing......Microderms, Chemical Peels, Diamond
Tone, Aromatherapy, etc....I feel like I need to pamper my face more, I only get 1!!

3. STOP PICKING NAILS~~~I've been trying so hard at this! I'm in my car alot and I don't even realize I'm doing it!
Currently, I'm using Sally Hansen Nail Nutrition Green Tea and Olive Growth and it seems to be helping!

4. LASER HAIR REMOVAL~~~I spend so much on bikini waxes! Would love some input on this one!

5. A DIFFERENT HAIRSTYLE~~~I like my hair but would love somehthing new and edgier! Gotta keep thinking on this

6. LASIK EYE SURGERY~~~My contacts can get so dry and it's the worst to get "splashed" in the pool! I feel like I should
do this but I also like the look of a cute, trendy pair of glasses! Hmmm...

7. TAKE BETTER CARE OF MY HANDS~~~The hands are so quick to show the signs of aging! I use hand cream but
can also get lazy about it! I catch glimpses of my hands, (dry, uneven texture)
and I can't believe how old they can look.... I think the hands can get

I know I can think of some more but this is a great start! I would love your input and to see your lists for 2012!!!

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@cece_lam Great to hear!! I've been thinking of doing it for so long! I'm sooo tired of bikini waxes! This comment has been removed.
Loved the results from my laser hair removal! Super painful though when I did my brazilian ouchies! Underarms were a cinch though! This comment has been removed.
@vamp1967 I decided against Latisse. It's pricey and I don't want my lashes "too" long. My Dermatologist recommended a product called Elastilash which is half the price of Latisse and "thickens'" the lashes. I will let you know how it works forsure! This comment has been removed.
awesome This comment has been removed.
@makeupinspiration I know, we all deserve it!! This comment has been removed.
I'm with you on "more facials." I have to pamper myself a little more in 2012!! :) This comment has been removed.
co cool! thanks for sharing!! :)) This comment has been removed.
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