What’s In Your Beauty Toolbox?

What’s in Your Beauty Toolbox?

5 Beauty Tools for Everyday Use

beauty bag
  • beauty bag
  • eyelash curler
  • tweezers
  • cotton balls
  • dental floss
  • mirror
We gals have our own set of beauty “tools” it takes to get us looking our best. There are gadgets and products that we swoon over that our male counterparts just may not fully get. I know that I am a fan of trying new products and can’t get ready for the day without a few necessary items.

Eyelash curler: Yes, the eyelash curler can at first look like a torture item, but especially for lashes as thin and straight as mine, this tool is my best friend. It’s important to find a good curler and replace it as necessary. I usually curl my lashes at the base and then curl again at the tips before applying mascara.

Tweezers: Nice eyebrows really can frame a face well and nothing is worse than stray ones that start to merge into a uni-brow! Be careful of over tweezing as this can look just as bad. A good pair of tweezers will easily pull individual stray hairs out.

Cotton balls: I have these on hand all the time to use for removing nail polish, cleaning away excess makeup and to apply toner (when I remember to do that). They are good to have in a pinch because they are sturdier than just using a facial tissue and convenient to throw in a makeup bag.

Dental Floss: Nothing ruins a beautifully made up face more than a piece of food stuck between teeth that can’t be removed. I always carry dental floss in an effort to escape embarrassing mishaps.

Pocket mirror: In a beauty bag I received the perfect compact mirror that is small enough to fit anywhere and perfect to take a quick look at makeup and/or hair when on the go.

These are only a few of the items tucked away in my beauty supply collection, but I find them necessary for everyday use. What beauty “tool” is your must have?


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Bronzer duo from becca, mac lipstick, mac zoomlash mascara! This comment has been removed.
Bronzer, eyelash curler and mascara!! This comment has been removed.
@GoodFaith Thanks for that tip! This comment has been removed.
Absolutely an EYELASH CURLER!! Can't live without my Lancome one! I'm a Q-tip fan and I always carry Clean and Clear Oil Blotting sheets! This comment has been removed.
Try running your blow dryer over your lash curler for a few seconds. I think you will like the results. This comment has been removed.
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