Urbay Decay Pocket Rocket – I pick you max!!

Urbay Decay Pocket Rocket – I Pick You Max!!

Hottest Urban Decay Lip Gloss Ever (Comes With a Bf)

Urban Decay is outta control!!! Just when I thought that I couldn’t love this brand anymore than I already do since the arrival of their latest shadows palette - omg book of shadows palette iv is so gorgeous! Anyway as I was saying I have found yet another reason to be IN LOVE with ud. Meet Julio from the ud pocket rocket collection. Now Julio is a clear lipgloss. In fact, it’s real clear that he comes with a baby lol! For those of you who are confused by my amusement let me explain. So pocket rockets are lipglosses. They are all named after a fictional guy who is dressed as a surfer, hippie, lawyer and so on. When you tilt the lipgloss, it magically takes off the dude’s clothes!! So hilarious!!! Of course Julio was my first pick when I first saw them, but I really didn’t need another clear lipgloss. Sorry Julio you and your baby don’t fit into my makeup routine right now :( So my friend Casey and I narrowed it down to three strippers I mean colors (these are in no particular order)...

1. Timothy the preppy boy/ivy league student
2. Max the surfer
3. Colin the fireman who’s holding a dalmaitian puppy

At first my color choices were based on the guy in the lipgloss haha but then I didn’t really like the colors. In the end my friend picked Jesse the motley crue wannabe (a berry purple shade) and I got max bc I wear a lot of dark eye colors and so a nude lip works best for me. Ooooh I’ve always wanted to date a surfer ;)

Thank you Urban Decay for image btw
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