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Sourcing &Amp; Wearing Organic &Amp; Natural Perfumes-

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Sourcing & Wearing Organic & Natural Perfumes----
Author: Sally Aquire

Many people have become concerned about using beauty products and toiletries that contain artificial fragrances, chemicals or preservatives, and this is one reason why organic perfumes and fragrances are growing in popularity, as they do not contain any of these manufactured ingredients.
Some organic perfumes are made from plants that have been harvested organically, but for the most part, the word "organic" refers to the fact that no chemicals have been added to the perfume. Because of this, they are also known as natural perfumes.
The main ingredients of organic perfumes are a combination of different essential oils (from plants), vitamin E (to act as a preservative) and alcohol (as a base). Organic perfume is also not tested on animals. This article discusses how to source and wear organic perfume.
Wearing Organic and Natural Perfume
Wearing organic perfume is much the same as wearing ordinary perfume. It's not advisable to buy any form of perfume without having tested it on your skin first. Perfume often smells entirely different from when it is in the bottle, as it interacts with your skin. This is why the same perfume can smell entirely different on two people.
You should leave at least ten minutes after first testing the perfume before deciding whether you like the fragrance or not. If there is going to be any adverse reaction to the perfume, it is most likely to occur within the first hour of wearing it. With organic perfume, there is less chance of developing an allergic reaction to any of the ingredients, as they are natural (and chemical-free).
The pulse points are the best places to wear your perfume. These include the insides of your wrists, your neck, behind your ears and behind your knees. The heat from the pulse point means that the fragrance will be stronger than would otherwise be the case. This is particularly beneficial for organic perfumes, as their scent tends to be less strong than their chemically-enhanced counterparts.
Storing Organic and Natural Perfume
Store your organic perfume in a place that is cool and dark, so that it does not “go off”.
Aromatherapy Perfumes
Aromatherapy is increasing in popularity after having been on the back burner for a while. As it is also related to the use of essential oils, there is a crossover with organic perfume. Aromatherapy perfumes contain more extracts of essential oils than non-organic perfumes. As with organic perfumes, there are no chemicals involved.
Organic perfume often costs quite a bit more than non-organic perfume, but it is worth paying extra if you do not want your perfume to contain chemicals. As organic perfumes become more popular, the prices may well fall in line with that of other perfume types, so in the future, you may not have to pay a small fortune for organic fragrances.
As well as being kinder to your skin and body, they are more environmentally friendly too. Some stores also sell organic body sprays, but these also cost more than their non-organic counterparts.

Your choice of perfume says more about you than you might think. Your signature scent can reveal significant aspects of your personality to the people that you meet. What does your perfume say about your personality?
Floral fragrances tend to be light and flowery. Famous examples of this kind of scent include Anais Anais Beautiful (Estée Lauder), Eternity (Calvin Klein), L‘Air du Temps (Nina Ricci), Night For Her (Giorgio Armani) and Lovely (Sarah Jessica Parker). If florals are your preferred type of fragrance, you’re likely to be fun, flirty, spontaneous, adventurous, romantic, girly and elegant. This is the most feminine fragrance.
Citrus scents are fruity and spicy with hints of exotic fruits like grapefruit, orange, lemon, redcurrant and lime. Famous citrus scents include Light Blue (Dolce and Gabbana), Citrus Bigarrade (Creed) and Emporio White (Giorgio Armani). If this is your kind of scent, the chances are that you’re sporty, energetic, confident, fun, adventurous and spontaneous.
Chype fragrances are a combination of fruit and flowers, but they also tend to be rich and woody in scent as well. Famous examples include Diorella (Christian Dior), Cabochard, Emporio City Glam (Giorgio Armani) and Diva. Women who covet this type of fragrance are often elegant and refined, but want something a bit out of the ordinary that the rest of the world won’t be wearing.

Green fragrances are often made from natural plant oils. They often combine floral and fruity notes to create a modern twist. Green fragrances are generally a lighter version of chype fragrances. Famous examples of this type of scent include Green Tea (Elizabeth Arden), Chanel No. 19 and Silver Mountain Water (Creed). If this is your favourite type of perfume, you’re likely to be caring, loyal, active and interested in looking after the environment.
Oriental perfumes are generally musky and heavy with hints of spices and vanilla. Famous examples include Capricci (Nina Ricci), Cinnabar (Estée Lauder), Ysatis (Givenchy) and Diamonds and Rubies (Elizabeth Taylor). Women who favour oriental scents tend to be dramatic, glamorous, sexy and sensual, with a preference for luxury.
Oceanic scents are one of the most modern scents available. Dune (Christian Dior) was one of the first examples of this type of scent, and first came onto the market in 1991. Erolfa (Creed) is another famous example. As the name suggests, oceanic scents contain ingredients that are meant to smell like the sea, which is why many of the women who wear them are sporty, youthful, energetic and low maintenance.
As well as these main perfume types, there are also perfumes that fall into more than one perfume family. For example, Emporio She and Remix For Women (Giorgio Armani) both fall into the category of floral oriental, as they have a strong flowery scent that is too heavy to be classed as floral. This makes them perfect for women who are feminine and elegant, but also sensual and glamorous.

You might think that you chose your current perfume simply because you liked the smell of it, but it could be more complicated than that. According to perfume experts, we subconsciously pick a perfume that reflects our personality, and this gives off subtle clues about the kind of character that we are. It probably doesn’t work out like this every time, but you might be surprised to see how neatly you personality fits into the character traits associated with each perfume family.

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