Semi-Homemade Holiday Gifts

Semi-Homemade Holiday Gifts
makeup brush
nail polish
cocktail ring
facial mask
27 days until Christmas, but who’s counting? If you’re struggling to come up with some creative, but inexpensive gifts then I have suggestions for you. There are many ways you can make semi-homemade creations that look fantastic, but don’t make you go over your holiday budget.

Makeup basket:
Choose a makeup brush set, a universally flattering shade of eye shadow and eyeliner pencil. Tie all this together with a pretty fabric ribbon as a makeup “bouquet” or choose a cute makeup bag and tape on a festive bow.

Nail polish basket:
There are several cheaper nail polish sets, but choose a color that you know your mom/sister/friend will love and include a topcoat and some fun stickers. Package it in a strawberry or small woven basket which can be found at Michael’s or Hobby Lobby and tuck in some silvery tinsel to create some gift sparkle.

Accessory basket:
Think jewelry is expensive? Not the case. Of course, there are diamonds and flashy watches, but a great gift is a cocktail ring or eclectic piece of jewelry found a neighborhood boutique. Old Navy also has several fabulous options for costume jewelry. Choose a couple of pieces that are unique and place them in a sequined coin purse or a holiday bag.

Facial basket:
You can buy individual face masks for under two dollars at ULTA or Target. Stick one or two together with a pretty washcloth and a great moisturizing product or makeup remover wipes and you have a simple, but functional not to mention fun gift.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to pick out something special. Keep in mind these thoughtful and fabulous gifts when you’re doing your shopping this year. Put your own twist on package decoration and anyone will be happy to find it under their Christmas tree this year.

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The facial basket idea is always a good one, those individual face masks at ULTA are great! I'm loving those candy cane nails in the picture! This comment has been removed.
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