Royal Langnickel Silk GreenLine Makeup Brush Set…

Royal Langnickel Silk GreenLine Makeup Brush Set Review

The Eco-Friendly Makeup Brush Set Must-Have

Royal Langnickel Silk GreenLine Makeup Brush Set Review
Traditional beauty wisdom oftentimes likes to have us tricked into thinking that quality-grade cosmetic products are the be-all-end-all of a flawless makeup look.  However, we regularly come to realize—with a kick or two to the head—that ‘traditional wisdom’ at times defy common sense. When it comes to getting that flawless makeup application, it’s not just about using quality-grade cosmetics—makeup professionals all over will agree that the brushes you use are an equally important means to the end.

Enter into the limelight Royal Langnickel’s Silk GreenLine makeup brush set. Boasting twelve full-size brushes, the set delivers high-performing bristles with solid handles snuggly enclosed in a humble but charming cork case. The 100% bamboo handles and the sustainable cork case make the brush collection eco-friendly and an environmentally friendly investment.

We Taaz-enthusiasts have found the brushes to be oh-so-meltingly-butter-soft, but also dense enough to allow for optimal blending control. Since the bristles are made with synthetic fibers, cleaning the brushes take close to zilch effort.

Whether you’re using loose powders, working with liquid foundations, or blending pressed powders, Royal Langnickel offers a wide range of brushes to deliver the exact type of application you need. These GreenLine brushes will give you the extra edge in attaining that flawless makeup application.


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