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You know the drill. You make an order online that you’re really excited about, so you constantly check the tracking update provided by the shipping company. You check your mailbox both when you leave for work and when you come home from work. Yet sadly, it’s only been one day and it’s pretty unreasonable to expect that your package would arrive so quickly, especially since you picked “ground shipping” and not “overnight”. So you can imagine my glee and giddiness upon receiving this package containing my NYX haul from! What did I get you ask? Well, I got 11 products total, but here’s the itemized list!

Lip Set: This is a set of five Soft Matte Lip Creams! Three of the colors are neutral (Istanbul, Milan and London), and two of them are bright and bold (Addis Ababa and Amsterdam). After applying, I know why they call them soft because they are ultra creamy and velvety smooth. Here’s a description of each color:
Istanbul is a perfect soft-pink neutral.
Addis Ababa is an electric fuchsia.
Milan will give you a delicate rose pout.
London is a soft nude lip.
Amsterdam takes the cake with its sexy red lip.

Stick With It, Sugar Set: This lash set is extremely glamorous and gorgeous. You get two sets along with Waterproof Eyelash Adhesive in Jet Black. Perfect for day or night!

The Skinny: It’s A Slim Line Set: No one wants an eyeliner that is overly complicated or time-consuming. Poof! Your wish has just been answered with this set of three black eyeliners. Whether your eye look calls for a super skinny pencil, liquid liner or draw-it-on marker, you have the best of all three worlds. These products make skinny lines super easy, and done in less than two minutes flat. No lie!

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