My 2012 Favorite Things List

My 2012 Favorite Things List
2012 has been a phenomenal year with lots of spectacular fashion collaborations, new fashion trends, and awesome beauty products. Every year gets better and better, so I am excited for what 2013 will bring!

Here are 10 of my favorite things that made my fashion/beauty life happy this year!

1. Jouer Conditioning Lip Treatment - At $14 for such a little tube, this lip conditioning treatment is a bit pricey, but the results are amazing. It includes Vitamin E and Jojoba Oil and keeps lips satiny smooth for hours leaving behind a pretty sheen.

2. Cashmere Glow Fragrance Mist by Bath and Body Works - This is one of the scents that B&B brought back temporarily for the holiday season (along with my favorite Brown Sugar & Fig) and it smells slightly of peaches mixed with a hint of vanilla for a warm, cozy smell. The great thing about this fragrance is that it lasts throughout the day and seems to infuse into the skin, lingering without being too heavy.

3. Revlon Colorstay Addictive eye shadow palette - I have a big eye shadow kit that I use every day but with traveling a lot this year, I didn’t want to try to pack it in my carry on. This compact eye shadow palette holds four colors I use often, plus a little how-to on the back to show you how to properly highlight your eyes with the colors.

4. Scarves - I couldn’t get enough this year. And at only $5-$8 per scarf, it was an affordable fashion choice to change up the look of any outfit.

5. Feather earrings - Feather accessories were hot this year, but I didn’t know if I could pull it off. I broke down and bought a pair of feather earrings from Old Navy and a cool feather necklace from Forever 21 and received lots of compliments on both! They're a statement all their own. Tip: If you want to try a new trend, go inexpensive first to make sure it fits with your style.

6. Marbella Permanent Eyeliner Pen - Another first for me this year was liquid eyeliner or in this case semi-liquid eyeliner. It creates a dramatic black line, but is easy to cover up mistakes because it glides so easily. It's a perfect product for liquid liner newbies like me.

7. Leggings - I think of leggings like most women think of their favorite pair of jeans - I need them and wear them as often as possible! They’re perfect for travel, casual Friday or just running errands on a Saturday afternoon. I go for the inexpensive variety since I wear them so often.

8. Charming Charlie’s jewelry - My friend introduced me to this store this year. It has jewelry for every taste and style at an affordable price. It also has beautiful scarves, shoes, bags, belts and sunglasses. Pretty much a dream come true.

9. Circus Nail Color by Andrea’s Choice Ringmaster - This hot pink shade was out of the realm of my normal color choice for nail polish, but I ended up loving it! And everyone around me loved it, too! If you are ever in a beauty funk, this color will cheer you right up.

10. Oil of Olay Moisturizer - This product is a favorite year after year. I can tell when I travel because I don’t have a travel-size for it, and resort to other moisturizers which are ok but nothing like Oil of Olay. I just need to store it differently so I can take it with me on the plane.

These are only 10 choices of ALL the products I've loved this year. Share your favorites list with us too!

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wow rteally awesome! i love those :) This comment has been removed.
I am loving scarves right now too! I wear one almost everyday. I want to try the Marbella liner and the lip treatment. I'm a big fan of Olay moisturizers and leggings too! Great list, thanks for sharing!! This comment has been removed.
Great list! What kind of leggings do you usually get? I tend to go through them very quickly too, so I try not to buy expensive ones. This comment has been removed.
@vamp1967 Thank you!!! Go for the Cashmere Glow, even if it is just a travel size. : ) This comment has been removed.
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