Multitasking Beauty Products

Multitasking Beauty Products
bM tinted moisturizer
Whether you're traveling or just want to lighten up your beauty routine, these products will help you to do so! Here are my top 5 double duty beauty products!

Tinted Moisturizer with SPF
Let’s count the ways that we love tinted moisturizer or BB creams!
1. It’s a moisturizer, so it’s giving my skin the hydration that it needs to feel and look soft and dewy.
2. The SPF factor. You got to appreciate that you’re getting your sun protection from harmful UVA/UVB rays.
3. It acts like a primer, and it will help your foundation go on smoothly.

Leave-In Conditioner
1. Not only will this detangle your hair, but it will also leave it soft and moisturized.
2. If you mix a little of this with a shine serum, you’ll have made your own styling cream that also doubles as a heat protectant product!
3. Actually, it triples because it will help to de-frizz your hair too.

Lipstick or Stain
1. Dab a little on your lips, eyes or cheeks to brighten and add color to the face!

Clear Nail Polish
1. Prolong your results from the nail salon when you get Shellac or a gel nail application. It’ll give it shine again like you just got them done.
2. Prevent cheap jewelry from smelling or turning your skin green. Also, you can use bright neon nail polish to brighten up an old jewelry piece.
3. Got a tiny snare or rip in your tights or leggings. Prevent it from ripping further by using clear nail polish.

Dry Shampoo
1. It adds texture and volume to the hair - perfect for styling!
2. It absorbs oil and will refresh your hair in between washes. Maybe even give you an extra day!

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