June MyGlam Beauty Products

June MyGlam Beauty Products
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I signed up for MyGlam two months ago and received my second customized box of beauty products with some great goodies inside. This particular sampling included two beauty products that I didn't think I'd ever get used to: liquid liner and red lipstick. Don't get my wrong, I love the look. I just have never loved it on me - until now.

The liner is Marbella Permanent Eyeliner Pen and is a stunning jet black, velvety eyeliner. It actually seems thicker than a true liquid liner, but much smoother to apply than a pencil. I have begun doing a subtle winged liner and I love the look. Because there was a recent "how-to" for applying liner in the Trends section that helped get me started. However, I have a trick of my own: When lining the top of the eyelid, do short, quick strokes. Even if they are a bit jagged, you create an eyeliner base to follow and smooth out with a second lining to "connect the strokes." It is waterproof and smudge free and has lasted me during the day. Currently, you can get it on the MyGlam website at 50% off until July 8th. Use "MYGLAM" as the coupon code.

The second item in my fun bag was NYX Round Lipstick in a shade they call Eucalyptus, which makes me think of the color green; but this color is a vibrant, fuchsia red. It's a matte color that glides on easily and creates a slightly lighter hue than the bright lip that is so popular. It's dark enough to be eye-catching, but not so dark that I feel uncomfortable wearing it. I put on one application and then smooth it out little with a Q-tip. I also put the Q-tip in my mouth after, so I don't get lipstick on my teeth.

Both of these are excellent products which I recommend. It's fun to be adventurous with makeup. Although these two items are a staple for many, it's outside my comfort makeup box for my personal look. However, that's what samples are for - to see if a product works on you and to try something new.

Any new products you're currently loving?

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