June Birchbox

June Birchbox

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Pack up and let’s go! Summer time is here, and that means vacation time is near. Time to start packing, Taazies! This month, Birchbox shared their favorite travel-friendly beauty products along with some fun ones that they found along the way. Here’s my review of each of these products from LOVED A LOT to LOVED A LITTLE and finally COULD HAVE LIVED WITHOUT!

Stainiac in Beauty Queen from theBalm cosmetics: Unlike other stains, this goes on with a sponge (lip gloss) applicator and is in the form of a quick-absorbent gel. Because it’s a gel, you’ll feel a slight cooling sensation, which is refreshing for summer! This product can be worn alone on cheeks or lips. I like to apply a little balm or lip gloss over it. It’s pretty obvious, but this product I LOVED A LOT!

Eco-Beauty Oil-Free Face Cleanser from La Fresh: Great concept! This is an individually packaged 100% biodegradable wet wipe that gently cleanses, removes makeup and revitalizes the skin. This item is an ideal travel companion! It’s tiny and efficient. Plus, I love how it’s fragrance-, oil- and paraben-free. Once tested, however, it’s not so successful with waterproof eye products such as my newest permanent eyeliner pen from Marbella (in my June MyGlam article here – *****). I had a little bit of a black eye situation, so avoid the eye area if you used waterproof that day. Even with that said, I LOVED A LOT!

Winks from Georgie Beauty: Give me a pair of false lashes any day, and I will say LOVED A LOT! Ok and how cool is the glue that they formulated without parabens or formaldehyde! It makes you re-think what they put in the adhesive glue found at your local drugstore or even at Sephora.

Volumizing Shampoo from Hair Rules: Although my hair is on the finer side, I typically don’t use volumizing shampoos. For one, they make my colored hair frizzier than normal, and my hair feels dry. While this is only the shampoo that I’m testing (and not shampoo + conditioner combo), I was impressed by how full and light my hair felt. LOVED A LITTLE. In fact, maybe the trick is to use a volumizing shampoo with a deep conditioner? I might be on to something here. I will have to experiment. Any hairstylist tips on this one????

Animal Print Plastic Bag from tili: How could you not love a pink animal print plastic bag for storing your travel goodies? LOVED A LITTLE, and only because I want to reserve the LOVED A LOT category for true beauty products.

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I got the same exact box this month! (: This comment has been removed.
I got that Stainaic, too and love it. I wasn't sure how it would be on the cheeks, but blends great! This comment has been removed.
Fun! That Stainiac sounds great and the wipes look good! This comment has been removed.
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