Holiday Beauty/Fashion Gift Ideas for Under $10

Holiday Beauty/Fashion Gift Ideas for Under $10

Don't Break the Beauty Bank

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My friends and I like to exchange gifts but it can become expensive if you're buying gift sets or gift cards. We don't even really care about the gifts so much as the time to get together and have a potluck brunch, watch Christmas movies and just spend some girl time.

However, I've been making a list of some things that I can do so that my bank account isn't hurting by the time that Christmas actually rolls around.


A scarf is an inexpensive idea and if you want to get your friends all the same thing, you can get them all scarves but in different fun patterns. Old Navy, Kohl's and Target often have low prices and some come with a hat and gloves still coming in under $10.

Bath Products

Whether it's bath salts or body scrubs, lotions or fizzy bath balls, there are tons of choices to buy some festive bath products at very little cost. Many stores such as Bath and Bodyworks are having sales and you can get several products for a low price.

Homemade jewelry

Check your city out and see if there is a place that helps you make a bracelet or necklace. Often time bead or craft stores will have this option. You can pick out all your own beads and then they'll string it for you for a semi-homemade gift.

Inexpensive makeup

N.Y.C products often has individual eye shadows and lip liners or nail polish often times for well under $10. This is a fun way to create a sort of "grab bag" for your friends with colors that are flattering to them. Throw in some lip gloss and a little makeup bag from the dollar store and that's the perfect gift.

You don't have to break open the piggy bank to find a great gift for your friends that still fits their personality, it's really much easier than you think!

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