Goodebox - The Next Phase in the Sample Craze

Goodebox - the Next Phase in the Sample Craze
I credit my new found need for monthly beauty samples to @vbeauty ever since she posted her article about MyGlam and Birchbox. I now am subscribed to both and will be receiving my first boxes of beauty samples to my doorstep this month. I can't wait! I figure this is a little monthly treat that I can give to myself while also trying out new products. If you haven't yet heard of either product, it's a box full of full-size sampling beauty goodies delivered to your doorstep on on a monthly basis. It's $10 per month, free shipping. How fun is that?

So, since I'm already indulging in two boxes of samples a month, should I really be considering the newest in beauty sample offerings? Goodebox echoes the offerings of Birchbox and MyGlam except all of their samples are sustainable, eco-friendly products.

They deliver everything from lotions to sunscreens to nail polishes and all of the products are chosen based on your specific preferences. The cost per month is a little bit more expensive at $16 a box, but for those who lean more towards products environmentally-friendly, this might be the collection for you.

A sampling of the brands that they love and promote are: Josie Maran, Stark Skincare, Buddha Nose and Coola. I haven't used too many sustainable beauty products, but feel it's a good way to learn more about them.

Do you already have some eco-friendly beauty product favorites? Does Goodebox sound like something you'd sign up for?

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Full-size? That's awesome! I think that's a steal at $16! This comment has been removed.
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