Furla candy bags for 2012

Furla Candy Bags for 2012

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FURLA in the spring and summer of 2012to launch four special edition candy bag, to show the style of its innovation, experimentation and imagination. These glial bowling bags that are constantly evolving, the crystallization of new technology and traditional crafts. They are both innovative, creative and traditional representatives, is the embodiment of the brand unique style. The four special edition candy bag : Pic Nic canvas bags, horizon roaming Aerospace canvas messenger bags, dance Burlesque bags and The Rockstar candy. using a mixed materials and colors, to bring unexpected surprises. It will be a new way to show the true of yourself.

Furla Candy Pic Nic bags is gorgeous feel to add interesting, refreshing, outside the unimaginable: the top of the shiny pink rubber and and the rattan lower, briskly Dolce Vita style, the perfect interpretation of the whole shoulder bags by Florence craftsman hand-sewnsystem to show the FURLA with Italy the traditional strong roots. The candy bag is also very contemporary, you can go beyond any borders.

Horizon roaming Aerospace canvas messenger bags is the most intense performance: futuristic and aerodynamic precision design, combined with the cotton canvas, chrome-plated aluminum and rivets material, looks like the fuselage of the aircraft. The <a href="">canvas messenger bags</a> is the best performance of individual dreams and aspirations of their belongings.

Furla Candy dance Burlesque bags seems like exposure to the red carpet ceremony of the Venice Film Festival. Full of creativity and feminine design with rubber, ostrich and cotton canvas.

The Rockstar candy canvas bags unlimited continuation of feminine charm, but injected into the rock and roll flavor: rubber, leather and canvas material with metal studs, chains and buckles, together with the contours and details of the white with black leather, fully highlight its vitality surging feeling. “Furla: Candy-brissima” touring in the performing arts by Sissi, these wonderful eye-catching and full of surprises and candy canvas bags will be unveiled one by one.
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