Extreme Body Jewelry Causes a "Chain…

Extreme Body Jewelry Causes a &Quot;chain Reaction"

Does LITTER Mean Anything to You?

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When I was in college, I had friends with belly button rings, tongue rings and several ear piercings. I was less experimental and just had my ears pierced, as well as the brief, trendy-at-the-time cartilage piercing. Just like anything else in the fashion world, body jewelry is a way to express a person's creativity, style and maybe a bit of rebellion. LITTER takes body jewelry to another level by creating unique chain-based pieces to wear on your arms, legs, feet and pretty much anywhere else you could think of.

My friend clued me into this new jewelry trend, which hails from a company that has been around for three years. LITTER is based out of San Francisco and has been developed by two sisters who began to collect jewelry at various places. They paired different pieces with various fashion looks and started creating innovative styles, heavily chain-based, and a trend was born. This more extreme body jewelry line can seem a little extravagant, maybe more than the average person would wear, but there is something very tribal and edgy about the look that gives it its allure.

I've browsed through the collections and am not sure I'm daring enough to wear the leg jewelry, but the rings are fun and the jewelry for the feet makes it look like an extension of the shoes, which is very cool. It's always fun to see people step outside the fashion box and try new ideas and create bold looks. They do ship internationally and are known to create custom pieces. I'd like to see how more and more people wear the trend because it's definitely not for the fashion meek.

Will you give LITTER a try?


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Yeah, it's a little out there, but I think it's a fashion forward trend. Not meant for everyone. I'd probably only dare to the jewelry for the shoes. This comment has been removed.
This is so bizarre, but sort of fantastic at the same time. This comment has been removed.
i think the ankle chains could look stylish,same with hand ones i dislike the leg ones im not even gonna mention what it reminds me of ..eww. i love the shoes that chick paired it with, This comment has been removed.
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