Budget-Friendly Drugstore Beauty Products that…

Budget-Friendly Drugstore Beauty Products That Work Wonders

Your Best Bargain Beauty Buys

Having had tried both high-end department store brands as well as drugstore finds, I can truly say that there are a number of drugstore beauty items that perform amazingly for their modest prices. Here are some of my few favorite staple drugstore finds:

1) Jojoba oil: I love to get my Jojoba oil from Trader Joe's, which I use for a variety of functions. It’s a great moisturizer, and—best of all—it serves as a multi-tasking product for a variety of usages. You can use it by itself to hydrate dry skin, add it to homemade masks, and even use it to combat slight dandruff on the scalp area.

2) Witch hazel: Since I tend to have oily skin, witch hazel is my go-to toner especially during hotter summer days. It’s an astringent that is gentle enough on sensitive skin, and really helps your skin achieve that fresh, clean feel.

3) Aspirin: If you’re a beauty fanatic like I am, chances are, you’ll have had heard about aspirin masks. Crushed up aspirin made into topical masks are great for their anti-inflammatory properties, and for treating acne-prone skin.

4) Milk of Magnesia: Milk of Magnesia might be Grandpa’s choice of laxative relief, but it is also a great product (not ingested, mind you!) for oil-control. Back when I was in high school and did not have my own spending money for a $40 primer, Milk of Magnesia was my go-to cheap primer alternative that helped my makeup stay flawlessly in place.

What are some of your favorite drugstore items?

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