Beauty products that I won’t be caught…

Beauty Products That I Won’t Be Caught Without!

Items I Carry in My Bag Everyday

MAC Eye Shadow
I looooooove MAC’s eye shadows. They’re packed with color, pigmented, easy to blend, and lasts forever. You can even get a palette to put eye shadow pans (which may be purchased separately). MAC’s shadows are definitely my go-to eye shadow every day.

Burt’s Bee Chapstick
I tend to get chapped lips…and it’s especially bad during the wintertime. I’ve used Burt’s Bee’s Chapstick for about 6 years, and I’m sure I’ll be using it for the rest of my life. I love the light minty scent and how my lips tingle right after I apply the product. I heard that Burt’s Bee’s chapstick can be a hit-or-miss for many people, but for me, it’s been a godsend!

Urban Decay Surreal Skin Mineral Powder
I really adore Urban Decay’s Surreal Skin Mineral Makeup because I can wear it without looking like I applied more makeup on. It’s basically a translucent powder, or a universal shade that works on all complexions. It’s light, breathable, and wearable. I use it for touchups during the day when my t-zone gets shiny.

Avene Thermal Spring Water
I’ve just recent gotten into this after reading up about it online. I don’t generally use a primer before applying makeup because I’ve noticed that doing so generally makes my makeup look cakey. However, I really like applying Avene’s Thermal Spring Water before putting on makeup. It’s really hydrating and soothing at the same time.

Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliner
I love Urban Decay (as you’ll notice, this is the second time UB appeared on my list!). This is a great eyeliner that smudges really well. I like using to line the inner rims of my eyes as well. It lasts all day for me and doesn’t budge!

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Great list! I'm definitely big on MAC anything. I'm interested in trying that Avene spring water too :) This comment has been removed.
This is so fun to see, thanks for sharing! I love MAC shadows too, they are the best! I haven't tried the Urban Decay eyeliners but they sound fabulous! This comment has been removed.
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