Beauty & Grooming Collection on American…

Beauty &Amp; Grooming Collection on American Apparel Website

Nail Polishes, Lip Glosses, Body and Skin Care

aa nailpolish
aa lipgloss
mint ice cream shampoo
I was shocked to see that American Apparel had expanded into the world of beauty! It was only a matter of time, and I am definitely excited with their current collection of nail lacquers available in stores. Side note – I love their neon colors with shatter nail polish! So while American Apparel offers their own unique line of nail and lip products, the rest of the beauty and grooming products sold on their site are hand-picked from outside companies. Majority of them are either organic or natural (free of parabens, sulfates and the like), and they cover skincare to body & bath as well as hair. I am most curious about the John Masters brand of hair products. I read somewhere that Rachel McAdams is a huge fan of the John Masters brand. Also, the hair care had a Mint Chocolate Ice Cream 2-in-1 Shampoo, which I’m sure being organic smells like the real stuff! Last but not least, they also carry a small selection of synthetic or faux fur brushes, which are cruelty free. Overall, they have a good collection to start with, but I am looking forward to shopping for beauty products once they have more makeup options available.

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