Are You a Shopaholic?or someone you love is.....?

Are You a Shopaholic?or Someone You Love Is.....?

Deciding Whether You Are a Shopaholic Depends on Your Definition of the Word.


Deciding whether you are a shopaholic depends on your definition of the word.
So, I'm digging up all the meaning of it and compile them all together in one here for your convenience.
Try to check yourself if you are one of those who always complains that you have no clothes to wear anymore but your closets are jam-packed full of clothes for every season.

One of those who always buys what they want and like even though its not needed.(hmmm ;in this case i'm a bit like this esp.when its about wardrobes,sandals and nails accessories. )

Some believe that the compulsive shopper or shopaholic is actually suffering from an addiction. Addiction is defined as having a compulsion to a commit a behavior, being unable to stop a behavior, and continuing the behavior despite harmful consequences. Research now shows that addictive behavior often provides a momentary lift in mood. A flood of “good feeling” producing hormones rewards a shopaholic. Unfortunately the lift is not permanent, and the shopaholic must go out and shop more in order to find the next boost in hormones.In a sense, when one is shopping, they are given a few moments of good mood. This is a momentary mental reward. So it encourages one to repeat the pattern in order to feel that “high” produced by shopping and purchasing.

German psychologist Emil Kraepelin classified this habitual syndrome of excess shopping as a disorder, terming it "Oniomania." Even though shopaholism has historically been overlooked as a true disorder, studies estimate that one in every twenty people engages in impulsive and often unnecessary spending. Such individuals lack the necessary self-control to step away and resist the urge of buying a desired item - even at the expense of their finances or relationships.

Moreover,the dictionary defines
shopaholic as:

1.someone who enjoys going to stores or enjoys buying things

2.someone who shops very frequently,who spends beyond his/her limits, buys things he/she has no use for

3.someone who uses shopping as a way to feel better temporarily.

4.someone who spends too much time or money shopping

Have you learned something?hope so for me,im not a SHOPaholic cuz i can still control myself though i bought things that are unnecessary and spending too much time in shopping but still i never spend beyond my limits(really?)...hmm,Seriously...are u a shopaholic or not?

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I was a shopaholic earlier in life, but now I don't really buy things unless I LOVE it. I rarely do splurge buying anymore. This comment has been removed.
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