April Birchbox

April Birchbox

My Customized Beauty Box

This month, Birchbox wanted to take us back to the outdoors and natural wonders around us. The focus was on fresh products that were naturally derived and nourishing for your hair, body and skin! As a beauty consumer, I’m all about natural and organic brands, so I was really excited about this month’s samples. Here is my beauty box breakdown, and it’s listed in order of LOVED A LOT, LOVED A LITTLE and COULD HAVE LIVED WITHOUT.

Omega Rich Pure Marula Oil from Marula The Leakey Collection: What’s amazing about this product is how well your skin instantly drinks it up! Literally seconds after applying, the oil had completely vanished into my skin. For starters, that tells me that my skin is thirsty, but it also tells me how natural this product is! Plus, the scent is a light, citrus scent - very crisp, very fresh! LOVED A LOT!

LipSurgence Lip Tint from Tarte: How softly this product just glides on! It’s like having an oversized, yet extremely hydrating lip pencil. Super quick and easy application! Also, the color pay-off is soft and natural, but definitely noticeable! I received a coral shade, which is perfect as Tangerine Tango is definitely trending this year. LOVED A LOT!

Body Mitt from MicrodermaMitt: This is one thing that I need to get better at (or at least remembering to do once a week), and that is exfoliation. The mitt is very gentle, but it gets the job done. Fabulous in the bath or shower! LOVED A LOT!

Moisturizing Skin Cream from Yu-be: What I appreciated most about this product is the fact that this best-selling product is from Japan. Apart from actually taking a trip to my local Asian grocery store, how else would I have even been introduced to this product?! I love that it’s extremely moisturizing and can be used for all sorts of dry skin ailments. My only drawback is that the smell reminds me of Vicks Vapor Rub. LOVED A LITTLE!

Wonderstruck Eau de Parfum by Taylor Swift: Fragrance is a tough one because it’s so personal and especially for someone as picky as myself. Sorry, but I usually don’t purchase celebrity fragrances - nothing against celebrities. It’s just a personal preference. COULD HAVE LIVED WITHOUT.

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@RoryGautsche Ok tried the body mitt and it really works! Makes your skin so soft! This comment has been removed.
@momma_of_two Thanks!! This comment has been removed.
@vamp1967 I must admit that I'm contemplating switching mine up to try some of the new beauty boxes. I feel like I'm missing out on the other ones! This comment has been removed.
Love the body mitt and the Tarte Lip Tint. I actually like the Taylor Swift fragrance too! This comment has been removed.
Oh wow, how fun. I like your review system. :) This comment has been removed.
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