Anastasia of Beverly Hills Lash Genius

Anastasia of Beverly Hills Lash Genius

Lash Genius Waterproof Top Coat Review

Lash Genius Waterproof Top Coat
Mascara is a girl’s best friend, as it has the ability to make our eyes appear big, bold, and glamorous. The problem is it smudges, runs, and gets all over the place…and let’s face it, waterproof mascaras, even from the same product line, just don’t cut it. Anastasia of Beverly Hills (aka the perfect brow fairy) has released a waterproof top coat for your lashes that allows you to make your favorite mascara waterproof. Yup, you heard right, this product does exist.

At TAAZ we see, touch and smell every product to find the best in beauty and this is a must-have for every girl. The Lash Genius Waterproof Top Coat is a clear gel that can be applied over your favorite mascara. The product instantly waterproofs, refreshes, and protects your mascara so it remains perfect. Unlike waterproof mascaras, the formula does not clump or dry (we all know that crunchy eyelash feeling). The lightweight gel glides on smooth and dries quickly, and the result is a soft lacquer finish that will last all day. The product is easily removed with eye makeup remover without the loss of a single lash. This product does in fact do what it says it does, we tested it at the beach, a pool party, and in humid weather…it passed the test with flying colors.

An extra perk of this product is that it makes false lashes look more natural. The lacquer finish will blend your falsies right in with your own lashes. After you apply your strip of false lashes, apply a coat of Lash Genius to the lashes and you will immediately see how it blends the lashes together and eliminates that slight gap that usually happens at the corners. You can see why this is a must have for every girl. Get your Lash Genius at Sephora and at the Anastasia of Beverly Hills website.

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Such a good idea!! This comment has been removed.
This product sounds great, I'll have to pick it up for sure! I'm at the pool with my kids so much in the summer, this will be perfect! I love Anastasia products and it's where I go for brow waxing.....I'm sure it's a winning product! Thanks for the review! This comment has been removed.
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