Anastasia of Beverly Hills HydraFull Gloss

Anastasia of Beverly Hills HydraFull Gloss

HydraFull Gloss Review

HydraFull Gloss
If you are looking for a high dose of shine and color, then HydraFull Gloss is just the thing you need. These highly pigmented glosses contain multi-dimensional pigments that deliver a lasting color. Made by Anastasia of Beverly Hills, this is not just another shiny lip product; the gloss has a unique formula that will deliver plumped and hydrated lips. Here is what I have to say after trying it out:

The texture of this gloss is rich, thick and gel-like. The applicator is a clear, flexible, silicone paddle, which seems unusual at first, but it allows you to easily apply the color with the flat side and line the lips with the firm edge. The gloss is highly pigmented (not sheer like most) and the colors are very accurate. When you first see the product applied, it looks as glossy and smooth as the ads on magazines--which I absolutely loved. The consistency is thick and slightly sticky at first, but it wears out after a few minutes. However, the color and the effect of the gloss remain.

A huge pro to this gloss is how incredibly smooth your lips feel from the moment it is applied. It is as if your lips were injected with a shot of moisture; they appear plumped and full. No, this gloss does not have any lip-plumping power, but it does have a hydrating effect which helps to maintain fullness in the lips.

HydraFull Gloss is formulated with ingredients like jojoba oil and shea butter which maximize and maintain lip hydration. You will notice that your lips instantly feel moist and smooth. Other ingredients include brown algae to smooth, firm, hydrate, and revitalize skin, and Balkan Botanical Infusion, which is an antioxidant-rich complex exclusive to Anastasia.

The final verdict…I loved it!

The glosses come in a wide range of colors that look great on all skin tones. The ones that I liked best were Plastic and Heiress, which are part of the See and Be Seen kit (perfect for summer). The glosses and the kit are available at Sephora and the Anastasia website.

Are you a lip gloss or lipstick gal?

(Image from Anastasia of Beverly Hills website)

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@courtney2bambi the shine does wear off, but the moisture and the color are very long lasting. I went to work, then the gym and at 9 pm I still had color in my lips =) This comment has been removed.
Really pretty. Does it last all day? This comment has been removed.
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Sounds like a great lipgloss....I like the Heiress color! This comment has been removed.
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