Anastasia of Beverly Hills Eyeshadow Duo

Anastasia of Beverly Hills Eyeshadow Duo

ILLUMIN8 Eyeshadow Duo in on Set

Say hello to your new favorite eyeshadow duo! Though Anastasia of Beverly Hills is known for their amazing brow-taming products, they have a lot to offer in the shadow department as well. Exhibit A: the ILLUMIN8 Eyeshadow Duo in On Set. Use these shadows to create a soft, smoky eye and it’s guaranteed all eyes will be on you and your pretty peepers.

With Anastasia shadows, what you see is what you get. The On Set duo comes with two shimmering shades of perfection. When applied, both shadows are true to the colors they appear to be in the pan: a sparkling champagne and a beautiful bronze. The neutral hues are great for everyday wear. The best part is that these shadows can be worn dry or wet, which essentially gives you four stunning shades to work with. Two things you’ll notice immediately are their velvety texture and how easily they blend (important characteristics for any shadow). Use the lighter shade to coat the lids, and then add dimension by applying the darker hue to the crease and outer corner of the eye.

There are four different duos available online and in stores: On Set, At Chateau, My Bedford, and Power Lunch. At a mere twenty-three dollars each, you can’t go wrong—especially when you consider all of the additional perks these shadows have to offer. Formulated with Anastasia’s Youthful Synergy Complex and Balkan Botanical Infusion, the shadows are designed to illuminate, firm, and smooth the sensitive skin of the eyes. Once applied, you’ll notice that your eyelids feel extra-soft and hydrated, which translates to a flawless product application. Clinical and consumer results showed a twenty-nine percent increase in skin hydration after just one hour. Gorgeous eyeshadows with built-in skin care benefits? Yes, please!

Which ILLUMIN8 Eyeshadow Duo is your favorite?

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The bronze are my favorite! I wear those colors a lot. This comment has been removed.
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Love those bronze colors! I'm a big fan of their brow products....I need to get my hands on that eyeshadow duo! The "On Set" duo are my colors! Thanks for sharing! This comment has been removed.
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