5 Products for Oily Skin

5 Products for Oily Skin
Clean & Clear absorbing sheets
Neutrogena oil control powder
Hope in a jar
T-zone mask
Clinique liquid facial soap for oily skin
My skin isn’t oily all over, but right in my t-zone it seems to have a lot of shine. I notice this in pictures but my skin overall can sometimes be dry. It can be a challenge to find good products for my skin to be nourishing while still zapping the shine. Here are some of my favorites:

Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets

These are fairly inexpensive and I keep them in my bag whenever I need them. It is usually near the end of the day that my face becomes oilier and I will use them if I just feel like my face needs some blotting.

Neutrogena Oil-Control Powder

Foundations or powders can be tricky for me as I want coverage but do not want something that will feel caked on. This powder seems to work best for me and it is light on my skin while keeping my shine factor to a minimum.

Philosophy Hope Oil-Free Moisturizer

This product is a little more expensive but since my skin can be both oily and dry at times, I feel like I still need hydrating in my skin. This moisturizer is lightweight and contains SPF to help protect my skin.

In the T Zone Cloth Mattifying Masks

I came across these in the Walgreens and they make my skin feel refreshed while zapping the oil. It goes directly on your t-zone only so it works where I need it most. You leave it on for about 10 or 15 minutes and then throw away the mask. My skin has been noticeably clearer since using these.

Clinique Liquid Soap Cleanser for Oily Skin

This product is perfect for me because it does not dry out my skin and does not leave a film that some lighter cleansers seem to leave behind. It takes care of my oily t-zone and makes me skin look healthy.


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my skin is actually on the drier side but once in awhile i need something for my t-zone. i work at finding the right balance with having my skin moisturized and keeping it fresh. time to whip up some more homemade masks! This comment has been removed.
Love those Clean and Clear Oil Absorbing sheets! I have those in my car, purse, home....Thanks for the article! This comment has been removed.
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