Why to opt for baby shower gifts?

Why to Opt for Baby Shower Gifts?

Welcoming a Baby Is a Huge Deal. It Requires Significant Preparation.

Welcoming a baby is a huge deal. It requires significant preparation. You have to make sure all that the never ending list is at least one fourth finished. Such is the stress and anticipation that you almost don’t realize that you actually need to celebrate welcoming a baby. And a baby shower does exactly that!

Baby showers require a lot of planning. So expecting daddies and best friends, this one is for you. For any baby shower to be really good, you need to take care of primarily two things- one, the baby shower presents, and two, the baby shower games.

The idea is for all the expecting mommy’s close and dear ones to come together and celebrate a joyous occasion. The baby shower games help do exactly that. They lighten up the mood, add a lot of fun and make it a super festive occasion. Now there aren’t any fixed baby shower games that you can get playing. A lot of them are mostly just made up. But here are a few recommendations that might help all you shower planners:

You can get a bit outdoorsy and run the baby stroller Olympics. You have to compete in a stroller race with baby doll in the stroller. Of course, the point of elimination is if you drop the baby doll! But it makes for a fun game and definitely gets everyone extremely excited. You could also plan a fun question and answer round where all the guests can write down typical mama questions (for instance, what do I do if the bin is further away than the diaper table and the baby is on the table?) and have each guest write an answer. The combination that is the most hilarious wins! You could also get really creative and whacky by putting together lists of words related and unrelated to babies and constructing a story out of those words (such as ‘baby’, ‘vampire’, ‘diaper’, ‘blood sucking’ etc). The idea is to relieve the new mama of all the stress and exhaustion she’s been feeling and give her also an outlet to have a fun, whacked out time!

The second most important thing in a baby shower is of course, the baby shower presents. Ideally, the baby shower presents should be things that the new mama can find useful. This is also a great way to help the new mama out with her aforementioned never ending list of things to buy for her new baby. These baby shower presents could include things like a baby bath kit, a stroller/cot/bassinet, an assortment of baby clothes, different kinds of stuffed toys and books on taking care of the new born. Of course, these are standard baby shower presents. Closer friends and relatives could probably give more personalized baby shower gifts presents such as collage of pregnant mommy pictures, a single photograph signed by the mommy’s best friends, little pearls of wisdom on baby clothes shaped sheets of paper.

If you’ve got the baby shower games and baby shower presents sorted, you are ready for a spectacular baby shower!
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