What's inside a Gay guy's bag?

What's Inside a Gay Guy's Bag?

My Personal Bag. ( English Is Not My First Language. So Please Bear With Me. :D Thanks.<3 )

I've seen so many videos and blogs about women and what's inside their bag. I thought it was kind of a fun thing to do if I do the same thing but to give my own twist to it. I'm going to show you what is inside of a Gay guy's bag. Well, what's inside my bag. Yes, I am gay. :)

First, I could never leave the house without a condom in my bag. Hey! It's better safe than never, right? Haha! The next item that I need inside my bag is my make-up kit. You'll never know when you'll need that extra UNF! Next item is my perfumes (Sample size). I think every woman not just gay guys should always bring a sample size perfume. Because it's much more convenient and it's not bulky so that you can have more space for other important things. Next is my phone. I never put my phone inside my pockets! I think you guys know why. Another item in my bag is the oh-so cute colgate wisps. When you're on a date this is very useful. You don't want to kiss your date having stinky breath! If your date still stays after that nasty kiss. He's obviously just after your money. Haha! Just kidding guys! And the last two things inside my bag are a pen and a small notebook. The pen and notebook will come in handy when someone gives their number to you or vice versa. And a small tip. You can use the pen as a weapon too. You know us gay guys always have our guards up.

That's it. I hope you guys enjoyed reading. This is my very first article. Haha. :) <3

-Fame <3
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