What to Pack for Vacation

What to Pack for Vacation

Must-Have Beauty Items to Pack for a Vacation

With spring here and summer just around the corner, many of us are planning our escapes to fabulous and exotic locales. Whether packing for a weekend getaway or an extended stay, there are a few things that no girl should forget to put in her suitcase. Before you board the plane, make sure you’ve packed these must-have items.


If sun and sand are in your future, the most important thing you can pack is sunscreen. The sun’s rays can cause everything from wrinkles to melanoma, things you want to avoid at all costs. Be sure to choose an SPF that is high enough to offer your skin the protection it needs, especially if you have fair skin or burn easily. Trust us, your skin will thank you.

Face and Body Moisturizer

While it is fun to spend a day at the beach, by the pool, or baking under the hot sun (with SPF, of course), all of these things tend to wreak havoc on the skin. Be sure to rehydrate your face and body regularly, to keep skin healthy and radiant.

Waterproof Mascara

No beauty product has the ability to define your eyes like mascara. Vacationers who plan on being near water should definitely invest in a waterproof formula. You’ll avoid the raccoon eyes that come with running mascara, while maintaining a full and flirty fringe at all times.

Tinted Lip Balm with SPF

Protecting your skin from the sun applies to your lips, too. A tinted lip balm with SPF is all you need to do the trick. These days, there are a ton of options available, in bright, sheer colors that not only protect but add some pop to your pout as well.

Makeup Removing Wipes

Whether you spent the day lying on the beach or seeing all the sights, you’ll want a product that helps you clean up in a flash. Pack some makeup removing wipes and you’ll be able to remove everything from moisturizing cream to a full face of makeup in no time at all.

Comfortable Ballet Flats or Flip Flops

We’ve all seen those girls hobbling around with a frown on their face because their feet are killing them. Don’t be that girl! Vacation is a time for comfort and relaxation. If you plan on spending a lot of time at the beach, bring a pair of flip flops. For sightseeing tours, pack a pair of comfy flats. Save the heels for dressy dinners or nights out on the town. Your feet deserve a vacation, too.

Razors and Shave Gel

Tropical vacations require shorts, tank tops, and bathing suits, so you’ll want to be sure that your skin is smooth and fuzz-free. Don’t forget to pack an extra sharp razor or two, and your favorite shaving gel. Unwanted hair is never fun, so keep your essentials handy to remedy any hairy situations.

A Great Makeup Palette

For special nights out, you’ll need a bit more than a basic tint. An all-in-one makeup palette will offer everything you need to add color to your face. Pick up a palette that includes bright, neutral, and dark shades, for maximum versatility.

Pack your bags and prepare for a fabulous getaway with these eight beauty vacation essentials.

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This is a perfect article is someone like me. I always over pack and forget everything that I need. Not only that, I always shop for new things. So why pack lol?!?! This comment has been removed.
I have all these essentials. Now all I need is a vacation! This comment has been removed.
It's so hard to pick just one palette! Haha! This comment has been removed.
This is great! I always have to have that tinted lip balm! My favorite is the Fresh Sugar Tints with SPF! This comment has been removed.
Totally agree with the items on this list! When it comes to makeup, I always make sure to bring waterproof mascara as well
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This is a great checklist and whenever I travel, luckily, i have ALL of them in my suitcase. This comment has been removed.
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