The other side of the Questnet fraud


The Other Side of the Questnet Fraud : In the Corporate World, We Often Look at Scams Every Now and Then

In the corporate world, we often look at scams every now and then. Some of them true, some false. Some not even looked at, some blown out of proportion. Here, we are looking at a company called Questnet that has often made the headlines in the mainstream media.
It may be surprising that the Questnet fraud is often talked about without people realizing the basis behind it. When it comes to direct selling market, there have often been talks about how almost every company is fraudulent.

Firstly, people enroll themselves in such companies only because they are looking for some extra income. These multi level marketing strategy based companies offer the best way for them to earn their money. All of this is done to maintain a lifestyle they all crave for. Investing in this level of business has always been fruitful. The Questnet fraud is false from its very first line because we are talking about a company that has been around for more than fifteen years now. It is a reputed company that has managed to establish its hold on various countries across the globe. It has gained mileage in Asia especially in India too. It has provided a wonderful opportunity to people where the can invest and enjoy the returns too. There are diverse schemes in which people can invest and reap the benefits too.

However, the Questnet fraud has been the topic of discussion in the media as well as discussion forums online. There has been so much written on it that all you can see is overflowing text surrounding it. But has anybody paused to think if all the claims are true? Are these claims even balanced arguments? Why are there no hard facts to prove it? Sadly, none of these questions are answered.

The very reason for it is that this entire scam business is a huge farce in itself. There is absolutely no credibility to all of the allegations because it is all the attempts of rival companies who are coming up to spoil the reputation of Questnet. It is very important for one to verify the author and his interests before he writes anything on the Questnet fraud. Questnet is a multinational company based in Hong Kong and has spread its network across 22 countries. How is it that nothing of this fraud was found out before? It is all an attempt to ensure the company’s reputation is damaged and to woo the customers to other companies that are the rivals.

Another reason for the Questnet fraud could be the story of sour grapes. Individual representatives who might have invested in the company might have failed to recover their money. They must not have been able to sell products or enroll people. But then why aren’t they blaming their poor marketing skills? What is the company’s fault in it for them to scream out that they have been cheated? Unfortunately, there are many questions but no answers. It is up to us to see to it that we don’t get fooled by these tactics by rival companies and lose out on a good earning opportunity.
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