The day I met Ridge Forrester

The Day I Met Ridge Forrester

I'm Still Reeling .... FYI This Story Is TRUE - I Just Appreciate Awesome When I See It !

Ridge @ Illusia du Monde
It was a lovely afternoon in a Sydney shopping mall - and there across a thousand eyes - did ours first meet. It was pretty cool.

Ronn / Ridge's words to me were: "Hey Veronica, how're you doin ? ...." - I've got to say he : Ronn / Ridge has the most beauitufl eyes you could ever imagine.

He is I must say, a pretty awesome guy and I fell in love at first sight. He's an awesome rocker - and signed his first solo release album "I'm Your Man" to me personally - AND - complimented me on my Spanish flamenco style denim skirt ... (OMG Ridge Forrester likes my fashion ! Today I'm a fashion designer so it's all kind of ironic - but very cool ...)

I know that Ronn has left B & B now - I hope Ridge shall come back and find love again with Brooke - time shall tell.

The moral of this tale is that Ronn is simply awesome (and hot beyond words, when you encounter him in the flesh) ...

V x

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