Staying healthy post 50


Staying Healthy Post 50 :

There has never been an age to be healthy. Fitness has no age bar. Staying healthy has always been important. However, as the age starts increasing, staying healthy becomes all the more essential and difficult. Fitness becomes very important as you start ageing, as it is the crux of leading an optimal and healthy life. Fitness is the culmination of two things – good nourishment and physical exercise. One of the important things, that gets compromised as the age increases post 50 is appropriate nutrition.

<U>Importance of fitness post 50 years of age</U>

As one reaches the ‘middle age’, it becomes extremely important to take care of one’s health and fitness regime. Post a certain age, there are a number of changes that a body goes through, physiologically as well as anatomically. As the age increases, the rate of metabolism reduces, there is a change in appetite, consumption pattern also undergoes a change, a person cannot chew certain type of food, there are changes in taste and digestion to name a few.
There are a number of diseases that start cropping up post a certain age. Having a healthy and fit body is the best way to prevent and tackle these diseases. Eating well and exercising helps maintain good mental and physical health in individuals post the age of fifty. There are a number of cases of depression and stress. These scenario are common, owing to a number of reasons such as loneliness, illness, work related issues to name a few. Being fit and eating right helps battle depression and stress. Along with this, there is an outburst of degenerative maladies. Even if one can’t curb them completely, staying healthy is one of the best ways to prevent them for a long time and maybe even greatly reduce the extent to which it affects the body.

<U>The right way to stay healthy</U>

The correct nutrition is of utmost importance post a certain age. Owing to the changes in the body, the nutrient requirements also change correspondingly. A correct nourishing diet is essential to maintain the fluid balance in the body. It also helps take care of the bone health and reduce muscle loss. As a result, sometimes it becomes necessary for the people over 50 to take nutritional products that provide the required nutrient supplements. Hexagon has come up with an amazing product called <a href=>Geria Gold</a>, which provides nutritional supplements for geriatric patients and those post 50 needing the essential nutrients.

The product contains whey, soya and milk protein. With the progression of age, there is often seen a loss in appetite, which leads to less consumption of proteins as opposed to the required amounts. The proteins in the product provide the necessary amino acids for the body and muscle’s wear and tear. A number of people post this age are diabetic and thus the product is fructose based. It also has dietary fiber which helps tackle the gastrointestinal disturbances. The product also contains minerals like zinc, which helps fight mental lethargy and vitamins like Vitamin C. It greatly aids healing and maintains healthy tissues.
Having said all of the above, it is astonishing to know how important it is to stay healthy post 50. Therefore, having a correct nutrition and physical exercise is a must!
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