Stay healthy Stay young!


Stay Healthy Stay Young! :

Every car works fine, till you hit a bump in the road. The first break down will tell you how good the performance of the vehicle really is. This is also perfectly applicable when talking about human bodies. They function fine, until the point where you take a hit. The way your body recovers, then testifies to how healthy you are. Even if you live on small meals or meals that are not completely nourishing, your body will function at a decent level. But the question is for how long? It is imperative for us to understand why giving your body proper nourishment is important.

<U>How to stay healthy forever?</U>

Staying healthy is not something that can be achieved and maintained easily. It requires hard work and dedication, and more importantly it requires a wholehearted spirit. In order to be healthy, one needs to strike a fine balance between eating right, exercising and having a positive attitude. Once you walk the first two steps, the third one will inevitably follow.

<U>Nutritional breakdown</U>

The body needs vital nutrients, which are grouped as macronutrients and micronutrients. Carbohydrates, proteins and fats form the macronutrients whereas vital minerals and vitamins form the micro ones. One thing that the body usually gets in abundance is carbohydrates. One will seldom hear people say that they are suffering from any kind of carbohydrate deficiency. This is mainly because it does not happen. From your cereal in the morning to your bread at lunch and pasta at dinner, everything contains a good amount of carbohydrates. Sometimes, too much, which results in the extra weight.

The essential fat that the body needs is hardly provided by the loads of cheese present in your meal. Rather it adds the cholesterol, albeit a bad one. In addition to this, proteins are very important as they help in rectifying daily wear and tear, ensure overall growth and development and muscle repair. In a fast paced life, when we skip meals, we end up compromising many essential proteins too and this can cause serious problems later in life.

The minerals and vitamins, though in small quantity, play a significant role in the healthy functioning of the body. Any kind of deficiency can cause severe damage.

<U>How to get all the nutrients you need? </U>

In a fast paced world, where even superman could probably not include every nutrient in his meal, it is not unusual to skip a few necessary nutrients. So how do you compensate for all those vital nutrients that are missed? For starters, it is very important to plan your meals properly. Once that is done, lost nutrients can be gained by taking a right nutritional supplement. The most recommended is <a href=>PentaSure</a> by Hexagon Nutrition Pvt. Ltd., a company that is an expert in clinical nutrition and food supplements. This supplement largely takes care of almost every nutritional need of the body. The soya isolate provides for a rich source of proteins and amino acids. These are integral for body’s proper growth and development. It works wonders for vegans too, who miss out on important proteins coming from meat. The Omega3 and Omega6 fatty acids are essential for a healthy brain and heart. The best part is that it is lactose and gluten free, therefore no need to worry about the blood sugar levels. All in all, the complete source of balanced nutrition!
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