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Ryt so here's a sneak peek of way dis lovely lady will do for us
Hello everyone
Amelia told me how much this means to her so I was like I will do the competition only if I get to start with a sneakpeek of what i will be doing. I hope to create a taaz account however due to my work this won't happen and Amelia has nicly let me share hers now instead of writing all about me I am going to talk about amelia and her life.

Right now Amelia has known me for many years she found me through her mates. Yeah she is a swag chick as you know and is always breaking up and making up and is a lovely girl and no one cannot resist being with her they all lo e her and she is always partying now Amelia may have not said anything but she has a drinking problem and she's 18 she is always at the doctors and I thought maybe she should move to the UK because Americas to swag and party. No one should ruin there life and you all know Amelia is a pretty girl but she's ruining herself and last year her parents moved to Dubai on a business trip which made her worse so the made a emergency come back. Amelia is right next to me crying her eyes out because she knows the truth hurts.

Well everyone there you go if you know anything about dropping drikin let meh knw love ya'll xx ^.^

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