Sex and a Shoe (Sex and the City parody part 1)

Sex and a Shoe (Sex and the City Parody Part 1)

This Is My View of a Typical Carrie Brradshaw Rant

Sarah Jessica Parker (foot version)
***Referrences from the Burger&Carrie and Miranda&Robert era***

Last week, I went to the park to eat a hot dog and chew like a brain-damaged horse. While I was staring like a freak at the other couples, someone threw a shoe on my face. It was perfect because I am a foot, and I was cold.

Later that day i had plans with Chicken-Burger. I called him to say that I found a shoe in the park.

-Hello BurgerKing!

-Hey Foot!

-What's up?

-What do you mean? What are you trying to say? That I am a useless writer with psychological problems and that when I walk people spit on me?

-What? No I just called you to tell you that someone hit me with a shoe...

-I cannot believe this! You just told me I'm gay!!!

-No come on. You're not gay. You can. I dont hate you!

-I'm sorry. I cant. Dont hate me

On the other side of the world, Miranda who had moved less than a mile far from us, and we acted like she left the country, was watching TV with Fatty, her new boyfriend. Fatty was black and he was a doctor. Steve was jealous of him, because Fatty didnt talk like a complete retard. Fatty said that his name was Robert. I didnt believe him, because Robert is a name for cats.

At the same time, Samantha was having sex. This is so weird, because Samantha is not a --- who sleeps everyday with a different guy.

Meanwhile, Charlotte was complaining to her fridge that she is not married.

As I was wearing the shoe on my face, I couldnt help but wonder: Is my face uglier than a dog's poop?

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